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Online Support Group for Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens


Raising Bilingual Kids Together

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Online Support Group for Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens

Raising a bilingual child? Don’t think you don’t have to do it alone! Online support groups gather parents together for the purpose of learning, sharing, and helping others in the same situation. If you are raising bilingual kids, support groups are a great idea to meet other parents and share your journey.

Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens is a growing community of parents raising their children with multiple language around the world. There are so many reasons to join our  community support group!

Know that you are not alone

Raising bilingual kids can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a difficult one for some parents. Perhaps you are having trouble keeping up with language exposure, or your child isn’t speaking one or both of their languages to the fluency you would like them to be. Chatting to other parents in the same situation helps you to realise that you are not the only one going through it and can motivate you when you might think of giving up!

Share your frustrations

Parents who are not raising bilingual kids just don’t understand the struggles and frustrations we can sometimes have. It’s just not the same talking to a friend about language exposure when their child is only learning one language and they don’t have the problem of “keeping up with the minority language”. Sharing your frustrations in a support group can help let off steam, and also attract advice from other members in the group who perhaps are  having similar issues.

Learn from parents who have been there

Nothing beats experience, and hearing advice from someone who has been there. It is so helpful to hear stories from parents who have already raised bilingual kids and have children who are older. Hearing success stories can give you hope, and you may just be that person later on down the line with a success story giving advice to a new parent embarking on their bilingual journey.

Get suggestions for language resources

Where better to ask for recourse suggestions than to a multilingual parenting group! Share book ideas, game and activity ideas, find out where to buy resources in your language where you live.

Meet parents in your area

Meeting up with other multilingual families who have children who speak your child’s language is a great way to practice and gain more exposure. Online support groups are a great way to meet other parents, and find out who lives in your area, or close to you.

Help others

When you are starting your bilingual journey, you usually join groups to get advice and feedback from others. However as time passes and you become a real member of the community group, you start to notice new parents joining, who have less experience than you. This is when it is time to give back to your group and support others starting out.

Sharing your experiences can really help other parents who are in the same situation as you.

Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens Online Support Group

If you are looking for an online support group, come join us at Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens.

With an engaged community of members, we invite educators, and parents raising bilingual children or who are interested in raising bilingual children in the future.

We are an active group, and members post questions and comments daily asking for resource suggestions, and giving out advice on all different subjects. We have become a great community and would love to meet you and learn about how you are raising your bilingual kids!

In addition to this general support group, we also have 2 new groups for specific languages.

If you are a Spanish speaking family come join us at Raising Bilingual Kids in Spanish. This group allows posting in both the English and Spanish language.

If you are teaching your kids Chinese, come join us at Raising Bilingual Kids in Chinese. This is aimed at non-native Chinese speakers trying to raise bilingual kids in English and Chinese.

We look forward to meeting you within one or more of our community groups 🙂


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