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Learn French For Kids

French for Kids - Online lessons

Learn French for Kids

Learn French for Kids! Do you want your kids to learn French?  Are you teaching French to children and looking for French lessons online? The best way to learn French is with fun and activities! These online French lessons for kids will give you just that.

Below you can find our “Learn French for Kids” series on Bilingual Kidspot.

Teach Kids French

With the success of our previous language learning series in SpanishChinese and English, we have introduced online resources for learning French for children.

Through this FREE online French language learning series, you can expect your children to learn basic French words and vocabulary in a fun and easy way.

Below you will also find a list of French resources to help teach kids French. Coming soon you will also find our list of free French Lessons

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Learn French for Kids with Felicity from Mini French!

In this Learn French for Kids series on Bilingual Kidspot, Felicity will be sharing lots of her resources – videos, printables and activities – from her Mini Ville membership platform for free. She’ll be giving tips and insights into incorporating French into your daily routine in a fun and achievable way. There will be ideas for babies through to older children.

Learn French for Kids Introduction:
French Home Starter Kit with FREE Printables
Lesson 1: Learn French for Kids
Coming Soon

French Resources for Children

Check out these useful resources to help children with their exposure to the French languages.
French Learning Books for Kids
French Books for kids with Audio
French Language Apps for Kids
French Action Songs for Kids
French Nursery Rhymes for Kids
French Cartoons for Kids

Why Learn French?

There are many benefits of language learning no matter which language it is, however French is the most popular languages to learn for many reasons.

1. France is one of the most visited countries in the world so, for travel reasons, it is a good choice! Furthermore, French is widely spoken in many other parts of the world including Canada, Camaroon and Belgium. 

2. French is the official language in 29 countries and is the fifth most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers.

3. If English is your first language you might also be pleased to know that there are many French-English cognates (words with common linguistic roots and are therefore very similar). 

4. French is also often referred to as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Not to mention, the language of love!

5. The French language is also one of the main languages for international communication (after English).

6. Another great reason to learn French is that materials resources are readily available worldwide and online. Finding French learning materials and resources is fairly easy no matter where you live.

Who is Felicity from Mini Languages®?

Online French Lessons for Kids

Felicity is the creator of Mini French®, a language programme for young children from birth based on music, movement and play. She is passionate in helping parents to teach their child a new language.

Felicity’s love of French began when she was very little. This progressed to studying French to degree level then living and working in France where she met her husband. After the arrival of her first child in 2010, she discovered that her true passion was teaching early years French. This led to the creation of Mini French® language classes in the UK. 

She now has three bilingual children and her work in language tuition was recently recognised when she won an award for her contribution to children’s learning!

Her next project is to bring Mini French® to a wider community with her online family learning platform ( launching in 2019. “Mini Ville” is a clickable map to be explored by adults and children alike. It features videos, MP3s and printable resources and supports parents and educators in teaching young children the foundations of French in a very nurturing and natural way.

What is the Mini Languages® ethos?

Felicity’s methods are inspired by her experience raising bilingual kids and up-to-date language aquisition methods. The programme is underpinned by:

  • Fun
  • Positivity
  • Nurture

Parents love Felicity’s relaxed and supportive approach. The whole idea is that children should learn through play, showing them that languages are a wonderful part of life! Parents of all levels are encouraged to incorporate French into their daily routine in simple, achievable ways.

See behind the scenes here! 

Learn French for Kids with Free online Lessons

Learn French for Kids easy with these online lessons! Make sure to come back each week to see the new French lessons in the series. Don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the world about this amazing language series from Felicity at Mini French!

Learn French For Kids with free online lessons