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Learn French For Kids

Learn French for Kids! Do you want your kids to learn French?  Are you teaching French to children and looking for new and exciting French activities and resources?

Below you can find our “Learn French for Kids” series on Bilingual Kidspot.

Teach Kids French

With the success of our previous language learning series in SpanishChinese and English, we have introduced online resources for learning French for children.

Through this FREE online French language learning series, you can expect your children to learn basic French words and vocabulary in a fun and easy way.

Below you will also find a list of French resources to help teach kids French. Coming soon you will also find our list of free French Lessons

If you haven’t already, join our Raising Bilingual Kids Facebook Group where you can find a community of parents raising children with different languages including French!

Learn French for Kids

Lessons for this language series are coming Soon! Keep checking in

French Resources for Children

Check out these useful resources to help children with their exposure to the French languages.
French Learning Books for Kids
French Books for kids with Audio
French Language Apps for Kids
French Action Songs for Kids
French Nursery Rhymes for Kids
French Cartoons for Kids

Why Learn French?

There are many benefits of language learning no matter which language it is, however French is the most popular languages to learn as it is taught in many schools worldwide and it is the official language in 29 countries! The French language is also one of the main languages for international communication (after English).

Another great reason to learn French is that materials resources are readily available worldwide and online. Finding French learning materials and resources is fairly easy no matter where you live.