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Raising Bilingual or Multilingual Kids

Raising Bilingual Children

Teach Spanish

Spanish for Kids: Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish

Monolingualism definition- What does it mean to be monolingual


Monolingualism – What is the definition of being monolingual?

Creative Ideas

Coding for Kids – How kids can learn to code without a computer

Teach Chinese

Chinese Numbers and Counting in Chinese for Kids

Car Games For Kids to Kill The Road Trip Boredom

Creative Ideas, Travel

10 Fun Car Games for Kids to Kill the Road Trip Boredom

Adults can learn languages too


Believe it or not, Adults can learn languages as well as kids!

Teach Spanish

Spanish for Kids: Vocabulary for Common Objects, Body Parts, & Actions

5 Stages of second language acquisition

Expert Advice, Language

The 5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Bilingual Parenting, Creative Ideas

43 Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids –  The best to get your kids laughing!

bilingual baby brains

Expert Advice

Why the baby brain can learn 2 languages at once

Teach Spanish

Spanish For Kids: Spanish Greetings and Introductions

Teach Kids English - English resources for kids

Language Resources, Teach English

Teach Kids English | Language Materials for Kids Learning English

Bilingual Baby Names for Baby Boys and Baby Girls

Bilingual Baby, Creative Ideas

Bilingual Baby Names for Girls and Boys | Bilingual Kidspot

Reading the same book over and over makes kids smarter

Reading and Writing

Reading The Same Book Over and Over Makes Kids Smarter

Teach Chinese

Teach Kids Chinese – Setting Up Your Bilingual Home

5 Things EVERY Multilingual Family Needs In Their Home

Bilingual Parenting, Minority Language

5 Things Every Multilingual Family Needs In Their Home

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