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Early Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Games & Activities, Language, Reading and Writing

20 Literacy Activities for Preschoolers Kindergarten Kids, & Toddlers

Easiest Languages to learn for english speakers

Getting Started, Language

10 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Words of Encouragement for Kids

Language, Positive Parenting

50+ Words of Encouragement for Kids and Students

How to learn a language as an adult


6 Ways to Learn a New Language as an Adult

Bilingualism Definition, Facts and Fiction

Definitions, Language

Bilingualism: Separating the Facts from Fiction

Is learning to code like learning a language

Games & Activities, Language

4 Ways Learning to Code is Like Learning A Language

Monolingualism definition- What does it mean to be monolingual


Monolingualism – What is the definition of being monolingual?

Adults can learn languages too


Believe it or not, Adults can learn languages as well as kids!

5 Stages of second language acquisition

Expert Advice, Language

The 5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Quick Tips to Encourage Communication with your child


7 Quick Tips To Encourage Your Toddler to Talk



What Does Bilingual Mean & When Can Someone be called Bilingual?



10 Amazing Benefits of Being Bilingual


Bilingual Parenting, Language

Why Learning a Language is Never Wasted on Kids, Even if They Never Become Fluent


Expert Advice, Language

The Link Between Sleep and Language Development for Young Children: New Research


Bilingual Parenting, Games & Activities, Language

Easy Ways to Nurture your Child’s Language Development From 0-6 years old

beautiful reason to learn a language

Language, Videos

Video: What a Beautiful Reason to Learn a Language