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Bilingual and Multilingual Language Resources for Children

A round up of the best bilingual and multilingual resources for your children. Educational language learning apps. Bilingual and multicultural books from around the world. Bilingual and multilingual printable materials. Check back frequently as I am constantly searching for new resources and adding them to the list!

Language Learning Apps

Duolinguo language learning Bilingual Kidspot

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps online. Fun and motivating, lessons include a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. Suitable for older children who can read, and adults, it can get quite addictive. Since the app tracks your progress, it motivates you to keep going to beat your previous scores.

gus on the go language learning bilingual kidspotGus on the Go is a fantastic language learning tool for young children. Your children can use the app to go on a fun filled adventure with Gus through various stages unlocking new levels, and learning all types of vocabulary. There is the Stories Gus on the Go series featuring characters from the game to dive deeper into the language learning experience. You can also find Free Printables on their website too.

teach kids languages bilingual kidspot

Learn languages with Amy is a new and exciting educational app for children from 2-8yrs old who are learning English, Spanish or Dutch. It aims to improve your child’s vocabulary and pronunciation, while also helping older children with their reading skills. Instructions can be set in your own mother tongue, or of the language your child is learning as they get more advanced.


Online Books and Language Resources


language lizard language learning bilingual kidspotIf you are looking for Bilingual Books for young learners, Language Lizard is a popular online website for educators, and parents raising bilingual children. It offers a wide variety of professionally translated books, posters and audio products in a large variety of languages.

Le Toboggan International Book store bilingual kidspot

An online international bookstore with a variety of popular children’s books in different languages. Based in Australia Le Toboggan ship worldwide.They also offer Language and Culture Workshops to reinforce language skills through various activities.

love your lingo language resources - bilingual kids LoveYourLingo creates beautiful clever products for little language lovers. Their flagship product is ‘The Little Linguist’s Alphabet’ which is a multilingual alphabet suitable for children speaking any combination of English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Dutch. Now your bilingual child has something they can rely on as D is always for dinosaur, and P is always a princess, no matter which language they are thinking in. LoveYourLingo also designs beautiful bilingual wall art to help you create a positive language experience at home.

Educational Blogs with Activities for Bilingual or Multilingual Children


Multicultural Kid Blogs - Bilingual Kidspot

Multicultural Kid Blogs is a supportive community which brings together parents, educators, bloggers, writers and artists from across the world. Their mission is to inspire and support parents, caregivers and educators raising the next generation of global citizens.

uno zwei tutu language learning bilingual kidspotUno Zwei Tutu is a Montessori inspired, hands on parenting blog which has many fantastic arts and crafts ideas for parents of multilingual kids. One of my favourites is their Free Bilingual Wall Calendar Printable featuring days of the week, seasons, temperature and mood. It comes in various languages, and if your language isn’t there, you can request it!

If you have or have, or know of a great  resource for parents of bilingual kids and language learners, please see the Bilingual Kidspot Contacts Page here


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