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Resources for Kids Learning Languages

A round up of the best bilingual and multilingual language resources to help teach your child a language. Below you will find:

  • Products to help kids learn languages
  • Language learning apps
  • Websites where you can buy bilingual and multicultural books around the world
  • Bilingual and multilingual printable materials and more

FREE Language Lessons

Want your kids to learn a language? Bilingual Kidspot has FREE mini courses for a range of languages for kids. Prepared by language teachers, these courses have structured lessons as well as a range of printable materials and activities that can be done at home or in the classroom. Check them out below:

Spanish For Kids

Teach your kids Spanish through these online language lessons for kids hosted by Spanish Mama.

French for Kids

Teach your kids French through these online language lessons for kids hosted by Mini French.

Chinese for Kids

Teach your kids Chinese through these online language lessons hosted by Miss Panda Chinese

Arabic for Kids

Teach your kids Arabic through these online language lessons hosted by Arabish Way.

Language Learning Apps

Language apps can be a great help when your child is learning a language. With over 30 languages included, you are bound to find an app with your target language!


Product Reviews

Product reviews for our favourite resources for kids learning languages.

Chameleon Reader

A DIY audio book maker which you can use in ANY language. SEE OUR REVIEW HERE and check out the extras for Bilingual Kidspot readers

Chameleon Reader - Gift ideas bilingual kids

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books & Reading Wand

These bilingual books are a great way to introduce kids to a new language. They are available in Spanish/English and Chinese/English. Kids can use them independently because the reading wand provides audio to help with pronunciation.
SEE OUR REVIEW HERE, or check out their website.

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for Kids

One Third Stories

Books that start in one language and end in another. A subscription for kids which includes a story book and a fun activity box. Comes in Spanish, French, with Italian, German on the way.
CHECK OUR REVIEW HERE. Bilingual Kidspot readers get 15% off.


Online Books and Language Materials

AMAZON have a great range of bilingual and multilingual materials for various languages. Simply pop your request in the search button and you will have a range of options.

Book Lists

We are building our range of book lists. See our recommendations below:
SPANISH books for kids
ENGLISH books for kids
ENGLISH (ESL) language learning books
FRENCH books for kids
FRENCH language learning books
HINDI books for kids

Find a list of websites which offer FREE books online HERE

Make sure to check out other resources here including product and book reviews!

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