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monolingual parent raising bilingual or multilingual child chinese arabic

Multilingual Families

Will He Hate Me in 3 Languages?

bella Devyatkina Speaks 7 languages

Multilingual Families

Meet Bella Devyatkina, the Russian Girl Who Speaks 8 Languages

Bilingual Royals - Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Multilingual Families

Bilingual Royals: Will & Kate are raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis with two languages

Raising bilingual kids with autism

Multilingual Families

Raising Bilingual Kids with Autism, A Family Story


Multilingual Families

Raising Bilingual Twins: What it’s Like and What to expect

Raising Multilingual Kids - Family Story

Multilingual Families

With 7 languages between us, which would we teach our kids?

Teaching kids english as a non native speaker

Multilingual Families

How we are teaching our kids English as a French family living in France


Multilingual Families

Origami Helped Me Teach my Child Japanese

Will Meghan and Harry's baby be bilingual speak a second language

Multilingual Families

Bilingual Royals: Will Harry and Meghan’s baby speak a second language?


Multilingual Families

Raising Bilingual Kids as a Non-Native Speaker in English and Spanish


Multilingual Families

Raising a Trilingual child has challenges but it is worth it

Donald Trump Family Languages

Multilingual Families

President Donald Trump and his Multilingual Family


Multilingual Families

A Multilingual Family in a Monolingual Nation

Balanced Bilingualism - Is it possible and does it even matter?

Bilingual Parenting, Multilingual Families

Balanced Bilingualism – Is it possible and does it matter?

How Multilingualism led us to Homeschool

Multilingual Families

How Multilingualism Led Us To Homeschool Our Kids

Adapting Language Strategy - MLAH to Context

Multilingual Families

Don’t Be Scared To Adapt Your Family Language Plan