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If you have decided to embark on the bilingual or multilingual journey with your family you have come to the right place. Here you will find practical and useful information you need to raise your children with multiple languages.

To get started I have listed here some of the  most important posts. However make sure you take a look at the specific categories and you will find a range of articles relating to bilingualism and raising bilingual kids.


Read about bilingualism, raising bilingual kids, and the benefits:

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Benefits of Raising Bilingual Kids

Myths about Raising Bilingual Kids

How to Raise Bilingual Kids

Tips, ideas, and strategies on how you can raise your children with multiple languages:

The Do’s & Don’ts of Raising Bilingual Kids

Language Strategies for Raising Bilingual Kids

OPOL – One Person One Language

Adapting the OPOL Method

MLAH – Minority Language at Home

Time and Place – Using the Context Method

Monolingual Parents raising Bilingual Kids

Raising Bilingual Kids the Montessori Way

Mistake Parents Make Raising Bilingual Children

Improving the Minority Language

How you can give your kids language skills a boost, and improve their minority language:

25 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Language Skills

Bilingual Kids with Limited Language Exposure

Why Your Child Won’t Speak Your Language & What You Can Do

Creating the Need for the Minority Language

Expert Advice

Speech Therapists share their knowledge on a range of topics about bilingualism, and children’s language development:

Language Development & Bilingual Children

Bilingual Kids and Speech Delay

5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Speech vs Language Definitions

Speech and Language Disorders Explained

Late Talkers, All You Need to Know

Bilingual Kids with Autism & Downs Syndrome

Language Resources

Bilingual books, language apps, and other language resources to help your child learn languages:

General Language Resources for Bilingual Kids

Learn Spanish for Kids (Free Lessons)

Learn Chinese for Kids (Free Lessons)

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If you would like to chat with other parents of bilingual children, join our private discussion group created for parents who are currently raising a bilingual child, or who plan to in the future. You can ask questions that you have, tell your story to others, find other bilingual and multilingual families in your area, and join in the chat. You are not alone on this bilingual parenting journey, there are many other parents out there like you, and having a support network is a fantastic way to stay informed and have a community behind you.

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Good luck on your Bilingual or Multilingual Journey 🙂