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Learn Spanish for Kids – Children’s Spanish Resources

Learn Spanish for Kids! Do you want your kids to learn Spanish?  Are you teaching Spanish to kids and looking for Spanish lessons for kids online? The best way to learn Spanish is with resources and engaging activities.

This “Learn Spanish for Kids” series on Bilingual Kidspot includes lots of children’s Spanish learning resources for kids

Teach Kids Spanish

Through this FREE online Spanish language learning series, you can expect your kids to learn basic Spanish words and vocabulary in a fun and easy way. These online  Spanish lessons for kids are aimed at teaching children (and adults) the basics of the Spanish language.

A list of each Spanish Lesson for kids is listed below.

You will also find some amazing Spanish learning resources in the next section including things such as Spanish book lists, Spanish apps, Cartoons, movies etc to reinforce your child’s learning.

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Below you can find the following:

  • Learn Spanish for Kids FREE lessons
  • Spanish product reviews
  • Resources for kids learning Spanish

Learn Spanish For Kids – Free Online Lessons

Learn Spanish For Kids

Here you can find our FREE Spanish lessons to teach kids Spanish. Each children’s Spanish lesson has activities, materials, and suggested resources. You can also print these out to keep at home.

Resources for Kids Learning Spanish

Here you can find a list of children’s Spanish resources to help kids learn and practice Spanish. From book lists to apps and other media resources, these are a great addition to our lessons to help kids become fluent in Spanish and practising on a regular basis.

Spanish Books for Kids

Spanish Books for Kids

Our children’s Spanish book lists have some great options for all ages whether you have little Spanish language learners, or looking for authentic Spanish books.

Reading children’s Spanish books is such a great way to keep up with the language exposure with little effort.

Spanish Home Learning

From curriculums to learning books, there are lots of educational resources for kids to learn Spanish. Below you can find some posts with some great children’s Spanish education resources.

Spanish Media for Kids

Media has such an influence on this generation so to keep up we are listing some great children’s Spanish apps, shows and programs to help kids practise their Spanish.

Spanish Music for Kids

Music is a great way for kids to get language exposure and there is so much children’s Spanish music out there, and also music that may not be aimed at kids but is suitable for kids. Here you can find some Spanish song lists and music that kids will love.

Spanish Songs for Kids List

Spanish Games & Activities

We all know that children learn better when having fun! Here are some great children’s Spanish games, toys, and fun activities that will help them with their language exposure.

Spanish Product Reviews

We are always looking for the best children’s Spanish products to share with you. Here you can find reviews of these products.

Other Teaching Resources

Resources for parents and teachers to help children’s Spanish exposure and teach them the language.

Teach Kids Spanish

Why Learn Spanish?

Although any second language is beneficial. (Read: Benefits of Being Bilingual), Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is the one of the best languages to learn in order to get ahead. Spanish is the primary language of Spain, Central and South America, and many of the US population who are bilingual, speak Spanish.

Resources in Spanish are also widely available because of it’s popularity, and normally aren’t difficult to find. Check out this post for more reasons to learn Spanish!

Spanish Mama

Elisabeth Alvarado Spanish Mama

Spanish Mama is a website for teachers and parents, to help teach children of all ages about the Spanish language. Spanish Mama writes about Spanglish living and teaching Spanish and provides Spanish resources and teaching ideas.

Elisabeth Alvarado is a Spanish teacher and mother of two children living in Peru. With a degree in Elementary Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, Elisabeth has taught grades K-12 for the past 12 years.

Elisabeth’s experiences as learner drive her passion to teach real-life Spanish. She found that years of classes taught her about Spanish, but they didn’t prepare her for actual communication.

After college, she moved to Peru for several years and reached fluency in Spanish through daily immersion. Her goal is to develop students who can use the language naturally, with confidence.

In raising her own bilingual kids, Elisabeth also observed how young kids naturally pick up language. As she moved from teaching high school to developing lessons for younger learners,

Elisabeth continued her focus on teaching real language in context, not just isolated words and rules. She believes even young pre-schoolers need rich input, and teaches through songs, games, stories, and conversation.

You can find Spanish Mama on her Website, and on her social media channels: Facebook, and Instagram

Spanish for Kids Online

Learn Spanish for Kids easy with these fun and free online lessons! Look out for the next Spanish lesson for kids in this Learn Spanish for Kids series! Don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the world about this amazing children’s Spanish language series on Bilingual Kidspot!

Learn Spanish For Kids