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Magic Phonics Review: Helping Kids Learn to Read English with Phonics

Learn To Read with Magic Phonics

Last Updated on July 6, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

What is Phonics? How do kids learn to read with Phonics?

Phonics is one of the most common, and effective ways for children to learn to read. Using phonics to teach children to read means teaching the sounds of the individual letters or letter groups, rather than learning a word by sight. Once a child learns the individual letter sounds, they are able to put those letters together to form a word, therefore learning to read.

So rather than showing your child the word cat and teaching them to recognise it, you would separate the letter sounds, c – a – t. Then once they know the sounds, practice merging the sounds together to form the word.

What is Magic Phonics?

Magic Phonics offers a modern approach to learning phonics. With new technology children learn differently now, and keeping up with the times is important.

Magic Phonics is a  modern educational tool that introduces letter/sound correspondences helping children learn to read using phonics at school or at home.

Based on the Early Years Foundation stage of the UK curriculum, Magic Phonics is made of 49 high quality connected wooden blocks which interact with I-pads and tablets.

There are 18 sequences to learn phonics and 150 words to work with. With various activities at different levels, Magic Phonics works with your child at their level, whether they are a complete beginner, or know some phonic sounds already.

The learning activities on this learning app help to develop phonemic awareness, enrich vocabulary, and build the fundamentals of writing and reading.


How does Magic Phonics Work?

Magic Phonics is really simple to use. Once you receive your wooden blocks, download the Magic Phonics App, and you are all set to go.

The wooden blocks work with the body’s static electricity, which makes them 100% electricity and battery-free

The sensors creating interaction with the tablet are made from flexible material, intended to prevent damage to the tablet screen.

Children can easily use this educational tool independently, or with the help of a teacher or parent.

Magic Phonics Curriculum


How we are using Magic Phonics to help learn to read English

We have been using Magic Phonics for about a month now with my two kids four and six.

While my six year old was able to read before this, I have found that this program has helped him with some letter sounds he was unfamiliar with. He often asks to play with the Magic Phonics app, and sometimes even just sits there with the wooden letters making words out of them on the floor.

My four year old was a total beginner when we started with Magic Phonics. I have always tried to incorporate phonics in our daily routines at home by introducing letter sounds and playing games, and Magic Phonics has been a great addition to our learning materials.

Because the activities are engaging and fun, he doesn’t realise he is learning, he thinks he is playing a game, so it is a win win for me! Over the past month I have seen a great improvement in his letter recognition, and ability to sound out words.

Learn To Read with Phonics

Learning to read with phonics is the most effective way for children to learn to read. For more information teaching kids to learn with phonics, you can find Magic Phonics on their website.

For more tips on using phonics to teach kids how to read, check out our phonics games for kids.

Learn To Read with Magic Phonics

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