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Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for Kids

Language Resources, Teach Chinese, Teach Spanish

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books with Reading Wand


Language Resources, Multilingual Families

Teaching My Child Amharic: A Mother’s Quest to Keep her Heritage Language Alive

Tagalog for Kids - Teach Filipino

Language Resources

Tagalog for Kids: Best Resources to Teach Tagalog

Whistlefritz kids spanish language learning programs

Language Resources, Teach Spanish

Whistlefritz Review: Spanish Language Learning Program for Kids

Teach kids chinese

Language Resources

Teach Kids Mandarin Chinese at Home: Starter Kit Including Free Printables


Language Resources

Italian For Kids – Language Resources for Kids Learning Italian

One Third Stories Subscription for Kids

Language Resources

One Third Stories – A Unique Subscription Box for Kids Learning Languages

Spanish Language Learning Resources for Children

Language Resources, Teach Spanish

Best Resources for Kids Learning Spanish

gift ideas bilingual children and langauge learners - bilingual kidspot

Language Resources

Best Gifts for Bilingual Kids & Little Global Citizens


Language Resources

Best Language Language Apps for Kids

Top story books for kids in English

Language Resources, Reading and Writing, Teach English

Best Kids Story Books in English to Read to Your Children

Games & Activities, Language Resources

30 Popular Nursery Rhymes For Kids in English (With Lyrics)

Fun Subscription Boxes for Kids

Language Resources

Best Subscription Boxes For Kids – Language, Culture, Geography & More

Nursery Rhymes Tagalog

Language Resources

20 Nursery Rhymes in Tagalog with English Translations


Language Resources

Spanish Cartoons for Kids | Bilingual Kidspot

Audio Book for Kids - Chamelon Reader DIY

Language Resources

Create your own Bilingual Audio Book for Kids with the Chameleon Reader