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Curio Book Subscriptions for Bilingual Kids in Spanish, Chinese

Curio book subscription Spanish Chinese English

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Curio Book Subscriptions for Bilingual Kids in Spanish, Chinese

Curio is a subscription-based book club for bilingual children, bringing you award-winning books from overseas for kids learning Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese with more languages to come.

Book Subscriptions for Bilingual Kids

As a parent raising bilingual children, I understand the importance of nurturing their language skills from an early age. Language acquisition is a fascinating journey that requires not only exposure to the language, but engagement and interaction on a regular basis.

While reading is an important skill for any child, for bilingual kids, good story book can make a significant impact on foreign language acquisition, especially with the minority language.

Curio book subscriptions for kids spanish chinese

The more children are interested in the book, the more motivated they will be to keep reading.

It isn’t always easy to find the right books in the language you are looking for and finding books that go beyond basic phrases can be a challenge.

Curio Book Subscriptions

Curio book subscription bilingual kids

Curio is a book box subscription service designed to make language learning fun and natural for your little ones.

Curio empowers bilingual kids through its curated book selections and immersive activities (reading guides, word glossaries, audio read-alongs, translations and coloring sheets – all available in their resource libary), to foster a love for language and lifelong learning.

These are great for caregivers who may not be fluent in the chosen box language too!

The Spanish books are sourced from Spain and different Spanish speaking countries in Latin America (such as Chile, Argentina, Honduras).

Curio book subscription Spanish

The Simplified Chinese books are sourced from 45 different publishers in China and the Traditional Chinese books are sourced from publishers in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Curio book subscription Chinese

How Curio Book Subscriptions Work

So here’s how it works. They sort books by age, language, and social-emotional theme and ship out these themed boxes every 3 months right to your door.

Each box is accompanied by educational materials designed to boost children’s conversation skills and vocabulary in your chosen language (aka. The resource library mentioned above).

Curio book subscription activities

Signing up is straightforward. You put in your child’s name and date of birth and the work is all done for you. You can change or cancel any time depending on your needs.

  • 0-3 year old’s will receive the Bud Box
  • 4-6 year old’s will receive the Sprout Box
  • 7-10 year old’s will receive the Bloom Box

Great Gift Idea

Even if you are not looking for something for your little one right now, it can be a thoughtful gift. Think baby showers, holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays… you can gift a single box or up to 4 boxes.

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