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7 Amazing Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

Benefits of Nursery Rhymes Why Important

Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

Amazing Benefits of Nursery Rhymes for Kids

There are so many amazing benefits of nursery rhymes for kids other than just entertainment.

While nursery rhymes may seem like just a bit of fun, singing with the kids and keeping them entertained, they are incredibly important for childhood development.

What are Nursery Rhymes?

Nursery rhymes are traditional songs, or poems for children. These include lullabies, counting rhymes, short rhyming songs, and much more.

Nursery rhymes have been around for generations and you probably remember many popular nursery rhymes from your childhood, most probably the mother goose rhymes.

Why are Nursery Rhymes Important?

Nursery rhymes are an easy way to aid in kids speech and language development, help with their physical and social needs, and even aid in setting the foundation for literacy skills.

The best thing is that nursery rhymes can be introduced from birth or even before and continue to promote these skills throughout early childhood.

7 Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

There are numerous benefits of nursery rhymes for kids’ and we can go on and on about why nursery rhymes are important. But here are our top 7:

1. Speech Development

Nursery rhymes are important for kids’ speech development as they help kids to develop various auditory skills.

By listening to these short songs, children can begin to learn and recognise different words and repeat them.

Because many nursery rhymes repeat words and phrases, it helps children to practice these words and eventually be able to recite the nursery rhyme and use these words and phrases by themselves.

2. Cognitive Development

Nursery rhymes generally have a lot of repetition and studies show that this is great for kids brains.

The repetition helps kids learn similarities between words that have the same sounds which helps to develop their memorisation and thinking skills.

3. Language Development

Nursery rhymes have amazing benefits for developing kids language skills.

Listening to nursery rhymes and singing along helps children to develop an ear for different words because they introduce children to new vocabulary that they may not hear on a daily basis.

Nursery rhymes are also beneficial to kids listening and comprehensions skills and a great introduction to sequencing where the rhyme has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

3. Reading & Comprehension

Another great benefit of nursery rhymes for kids is that it provides a great foundation for their literacy skills.

Research suggests that there are strong links between children’s early knowledge of nursery rhymes, and their developing phonological skills as they get older. These skills are known to be related to children’s success in learning to read

While you may not realise it, singing nursery rhymes to children when they are babies and toddlers actually sets them up for better reading and comprehension when they are pre-schoolers.

5. Social and Communication Skills

Nursery rhymes help with communication skills because they involve different situations and scenarios that children can learn from.

Nursery rhymes can be sung and played out in groups which helps kids’ social skills too. Singing, dancing, and movement creates a fun social situation where children develop their confidence.

6. Physical Development

Many nursery rhymes involve actions and steps for children to follow throughout the rhyme which benefits their motor skills and physical development.

Itsy bitsy spider for example involves putting their fingers together climbing the spout. If you are happy and you know it involves clapping and stomping feet.

7. Creativity

Other great benefit of nursery rhymes is that kids start to imagine the rhymes in their heads to create stories. Acting the nursery rhymes out helps them with their creativity skills.

Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

As you can see there are some fantastic benefits of nursery rhymes. So now you know why nursery rhymes are important, why not get singing with some great nursery rhymes.

Check out our nursery rhyme lists below with lyrics.

Multilingual Nursery Rhymes

Check out our nursery rhymes in different languages with lyrics and some with English translations.

Nursery Rhymes are Beneficial for All Kids

With so many benefits of nursery rhymes, you can see that they are an important part of childhood development. Take a look at our nursery rhyme lists and let us know your favourites.

Amazing Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

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