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Bilingual Yoga Cards for Kids – Teaching Mindfulness & Language with Metta Play

Metta Play Yoga Cards Contents

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Bilingual Yoga Cards for Kids

Now kids can learn a new language while having fun with yoga at the same time with Metta Play yoga and affirmation cards.

With so many benefits of yoga for kids, it makes a great kids activity to do with the whole family and give exposure to a new language at the same time.

Metta Play – Bilingual Yoga Cards for Kids

There are so many benefits of yoga for kids. Not just physical, but also emotional and social. In fact studies have shown that kids yoga can improve concentration, self-esteem and assist children to manage stress, anxiety and regulate their emotions.

The benefits of being bilingual are very similar, so teamed up with a second language, Metta Play have the perfect learning experience.

Kids can now learn Spanish, French, Chinese or Indonesian while practising yoga and having fun.

Yoga for Kids with languages

Metta Play Yoga Cards

The Metta Play bilingual yoga cards were created by Via, a mother, registered Yoga Teacher, and bilingual Asian-American living in Australia. Via knows the benefits of bilingualism and of a healthy lifestyle.

We all know that kids learn better when they are having fun. The Metta Play Cards make languages and yoga fun for kids by providing a calming learning experience for all ages.

The cards come in a cute little drawstring bag which is so much better than a cardboard box and easier for the kids to use.

There are 30 bilingual yoga cards in total with 15 different poses, 2 of each pose.

Metta Play Bilingual Yoga Fun

The yoga cards are beautifully laminated with a hard shiny finish which means they are easy to clean too.

Each yoga card has an image of the yoga pose, and the name in 2 languages.

Currently, the Metta Play bilingual yoga cards come in English with either Spanish, French, Chinese Mandarin, or Indonesian.

Metta Play Yoga Cards Languages

There is a guidebook with instructions on how to do each yoga pose, as well as details for breathing techniques too.

There are also plenty of games and activity ideas that promote language learning so you will never run out of ideas.

Where to find the Metta Play Yoga Cards?

You can find the Metta Play Bilingual Yoga Cards on the Metta Play website. Just choose the languages you want the cards to come in. They make such a fantastic and unique gift idea for bilingual kids.

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