Gift Ideas for Bilingual Children and Little Language Learners

Are you are looking for gift ideas for a bilingual child, or a child learning a language? Maybe it is for your own child, or for a family member or friend? Here is a list of different types of gifts for any occasion. Whether it be Christmas, a birthday, or any other festivity, these gift ideas are not only educational, but will also help children on their language learning journey. They are also things children will love, and gifts they would be happy to receive

Bilingual Books, or Books in a Foreign Language

Books are one of my favourite things to give any child as a gift, whether they are bilingual or not. There are so many options for various ages. From hard cover and vocabulary books for babies and toddlers, story books and pop up books for young children, and novels for older children.

Choosing a book in the language the child is learning, is a great way to encourage the child on their language learning journey. Various bilingual books are also available and can be read in two languages, which means twice the fun! Here are a few of our favourite English books for children, that also come in various languages.

The Book Depository have a great range of bilingual books and books in various languages. They also offer free delivery world wide.

One of our favourite books available in 12 different languages is from Lost My Name, a personalised book for kids.


Letter Blocks

Letter blocks are a must have for toddlers and young children. They are perfect for practising kid’s motor skills, and feeding their creativity. Letter blocks grow with the child providing different ways to be utilised.

Parents can use them for letter recognition, and to create words later on when they start to read. They are especially popular for children learning mandarin, Japanese or Arabic to familiarise themselves with foreign characters.

With letter blocks you can’t go wrong, they are perfect for bilingual children and language learners. I am sure they can be found in most toy shops. If not, check out the Uncle Goose products, high quality blocks, and in various languages.

wooden alphabet blocks chinese- gifts bilingual kids

wooden alphabet blocks english- gifts bilingual kids wooden alphabet blocks hindi - gifts bilingual kids

Letter and Geography Puzzles

Puzzles are great to teach children about the world and can be great gifts for little global citizens of all ages. You can find alphabet or number puzzles almost everywhere, and match a word puzzles.

World and country puzzles are great to teach a child about geography. From small wooden puzzles with large pieces for toddlers and young children, to larger puzzles with hundreds of pieces for older children and teens. Even adults can enjoy puzzles!

Melissa and Doug have a great range of high quality floor puzzles which make great gifts for young children including, the world map floor puzzle, the USA floor puzzle, and the children of the world puzzle.

 alphabet puzzle gift idea for bilingual kids or language learners


Word Games

So many gift choices here! Anything that can encourage the use of a language, or aid in the learning of new vocabulary. Word bingo and memory are favourites, and great for children of any age. Scrabble is a fun one for older children that can be used in any language. Most other board games can be purchased in various languages, so choosing one in the language they are learning is a great gift idea!

You can check out our post on World games for kids which features games that you can prepare yourself!

Alphabet Posters

Alphabet Posters are a fantastic gift for a child’s bedroom or playroom. With colourful illustrations, children can practice their letter recognition, and learn objects that associate with the letters. Gus on the Go has an etsy shop selling posters in various languages.

alphabet poster gift idea language learners bilingual kids

Bilingual Flashcards

Flashcards may sound “boring” but there are so many fun and exciting games and activities to use flashcards these days and they can be great fun. Games like “snap” and “memory” are fun for young children and toddlers. Matching games are great too. They don’t have to just be used to read alone! Lil’Ollo have a great range of Bilingual Flashcards that come in a range of different languages.



Why not give the gift of music! There are some great ways to use music to learn a language. Children tend to pick up vocabulary easier when it is put to a song. Listening to songs in foreign languages can have a significant impact in children’s language development. CD’s and Song books are a lovely gift for a child learning a language. Depending on your budget, even a musical instrument is a great gift idea that will last.

Do you have any other gift ideas to add for bilingual kids or little language learners? Let us know.

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