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100+ Spanish Baby Names: Girls & Boys Names in Spanish

Baby names in Spanish

Last Updated on August 2, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish Baby Names: Girls & Boys Names in Spanish

Looking for Spanish baby names for your little one? Here you can find a list of beautiful girls names in Spanish along with some gorgeous boys names in Spanish too.

Whether you love the sound of the Spanish language and are looking for something unique, or you are looking for a Spanish baby name that will proudly show your Spanish heritage background, you are sure to find the perfect Spanish baby name here.

Choosing a Baby Name in Spanish

Choosing a baby name is one of the most important decisions you can make for your little one. Your baby is going to use this name for their whole life so it’s important you get it right.

With Spanish being one of the most spoken languages in the world, there is no surprise that Spanish baby names are so popular. Find below some popular Spanish baby names to inspire you. Please note that spellings may vary:

  • 50+ Baby Boy names in Spanish
  • 50+ Baby Girl names in Spanish

Baby Boys Names in Spanish

Here you can find a list of Spanish names for boys. You are sure to love at least a few of these Spanish baby boy names!

Baby Boy names in Spanish

Adrián, Adriano, Aldo, Alonso, Alejandro, Andres, Antonio, Arturo, Arlo, Axel, Benjamín, Bruno, Carlos, Canyon, Cortez, Cesar, Cruz, Damian, Dante, Diego, Eduardo, Efren, Emiliano, Enrique, Francisco, Gabriel, Jairo, Javier, Jorge, José, Juan, Lorenzo, Lucas, Manuel, Mateo, Matías, Miguel, Nicolás, Orlando, Pedro, Rafael, Rocky, Rodrigo, Rolando, Ruben, Santiago, Santino, Sebastián, Tadeo, Valentino, Xavier, Zavier

Baby Girls Names in Spanish

Here you can find a list of Spanish names for girls. You are sure to love at least a few of these Spanish baby girl names!

Baby girl names in Spanish

Alejandra, Alondra, Anita, Aurora, Baila, Belen, Catalina, Cecilia, Ciara, Clara, Claudia, Consuelo, Coco, Cristina, Elena, Emilia, Emmie, Esperanza, Eugenia, Gabriela, Hana, Inez, Isabel, Isiadora, Jacie, Jimena, Juana, Juliana, Laura, Leya, Lola, Lucia, Luisa, Luz, Manuela, Margarita, Marina, Maya, Mercedes, Mila, Natalia, Nina, Pilar, Ramona, Raquel, Reina, Rosalyn, Sapphire, Savannah, Selena, Sierra, Sofia, Tia, Yolanda

Baby Names in Spanish

Hopefully this list of Spanish boy names and Spanish girl names has given you some inspiration for naming your baby.

If you are looking for a bilingual baby name in Spanish for your little girl or boy, make sure to check out our list here: Bilingual Baby Names. If you love a baby name that we haven’t listed please let us know and we can add it to our list.

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Spanish baby names girls and boys

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