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Words of Encouragement for Kids

Language, Positive Parenting

50+ Words of Encouragement for Kids and Students

Happy Birthday in Spanish

Teach Spanish

Happy Birthday Songs in Spanish (& Different ways to say Happy Birthday)

benefits of raising a bilingual child - bilingual kidspot

Bilingual Parenting, Getting Started

Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child – Bilingual Kidspot

Benefits that highlight the importance of reading with young children

Reading and Writing

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits

English conversation topics for young students

Teach English

30+ ESL English Conversation Topics for Students & Young Learners

ESL English Classroom games for kids English class

Teach English

10 Fun ESL Classroom Games for English Class (Beginner & Intermediate)

Learn French Numbers - Counting

Teach French

French for Kids – French Numbers & Counting in French

Animal sounds in different languages


How Animals Sound in Different Languages

Abc Songs in Spanish

Teach Spanish

Spanish Alphabet Songs for Kids | ABC Songs in Spanish on Youtube

Spanish Color Songs for Kids

Teach Spanish

Spanish Color Songs for Kids | Songs to Learn Colors in Spanish

Best Book Sets for Children all ages

Reading and Writing, Teach English

32 Best Book Sets for Kids: Ultimate Guide, Book Collections for All Ages

Bilingual Book for Kids: Click London Italian/Spanish/English

Bilingual & Multilingual Book Reviews

Click! London- A Bilingual book for kids exploring the sites of London

Spanish Toys for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Language Resources, Teach Spanish

Best Spanish Toys for Babies, Toddlers & Young Kids | Bilingual Gift Ideas

Teach Kids French Colours

Teach French

French For Kids – Learn Colours in French

How to talk to kids about race and racism


How to talk about Race and Racism in Early Childhood

Diversity Books for Kids

Book Lists, Culture, Language Resources

15 Children’s Books about Diversity