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Spanish Lessons for Kids - Activities and Hobbies


Spanish For Kids: Sports, Activities and Hobbies in Spanish

Colors in Spanish for Kids


Spanish For Kids: Colors in Spanish, Adjectives, and Gustar


Spanish for Kids: Family members & Telling time


Spanish for Kids: Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish


Spanish for Kids: Vocabulary for Common Objects, Body Parts, & Actions


Spanish For Kids: Spanish Greetings and Introductions

Luka Reading Robot Review


Meet Luka, The Reading Robot who reads Chinese & English Books

Creative Writing Prompts For Kids Students


60+ Writing Prompts for Kids (In Spanish & English)

ESL English Classroom games for kids English class


10 ESL English Classroom Games for English Class (Beginner & Intermediate)

Games & Activities, Language Resources

30 Popular Nursery Rhymes For Kids in English (With Lyrics)

Balanced Bilingualism - Is it possible and does it even matter?

Bilingual Parenting, Multilingual Families

Balanced Bilingualism – Is it possible and does it matter?

International Schools & Bilingual Schools In Italy

Language Resources

International and Bilingual Schools in Italy

Cultural Holidays

Christmas Around The World! Fun Christmas Traditions & Celebrations

Holidays around the world list

Cultural Holidays

15 Popular Celebrations & Holidays Around the World

New Years Around the world

Cultural Holidays

25 New Years Traditions Around the World & How Countries Celebrate

How One Multilingual Parent Can Pass On Two Languages

Bilingual Parenting

How One Multilingual Parent can Pass on Two Languages