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Having a bilingual child motivated my own language learning journey

Bilingual Parenting

Having a Bilingual Child Motivated my own Language Learning Journey

French for Kids - Mealtime

Teach French

French For Kids – Meal Time in French

Fun Subscription Boxes for Kids

Language Resources

Best Subscription Boxes For Kids – Language, Culture, Geography & More

Raising Bilingual kids when you can't speak your partner's language

Bilingual Parenting

Raising Bilingual Kids When You Don’t Speak Your Partner’s Language

Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Games & Activities, Teach English

60+ Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kids –  Get your kids laughing!

Bilingual Royals - Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Multilingual Families

Bilingual Royals: Will & Kate are raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis with two languages

Nursery Rhymes Tagalog

Language Resources

20 Nursery Rhymes in Tagalog with English Translations

Language Monkey

Teach Chinese

Chinese Interactive Learning Books with Audio Pen from Language Monkey

Spanish Learning Apps for Kids and Parents

Teach Spanish

The Best Spanish Apps for Kids (and parents) to Learn Spanish


Language Resources

Spanish Cartoons for Kids | Bilingual Kidspot

Two months abroad minority language

Bilingual Parenting, Minority Language

How Two Months Abroad in a Local School Improved our Kids English

Spanish Lullabies Lyrics babies

Teach Spanish

Spanish Lullabies with Lyrics (Canciones de Cuna) on Youtube & Spotify

Aprende con Yaka Dee

Teach Spanish

Learn Spanish on YouTube! 10 Spanish YouTube Channels for Toddlers, Kids & Teens

Raising Bilingual Digital Kids

Bilingual Parenting

Raising Bilingual Kids in a Digital World

Spanish Learning Books for Kids to Learn Spanish

Teach Spanish

12 Spanish Learning Books for Kids | Teach Kids Spanish

Audio Book for Kids - Chamelon Reader DIY

Language Resources

Create your own Bilingual Audio Book for Kids with the Chameleon Reader