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my child won't speak my language - One technique that works for us

Minority Language

My Child Won’t Speak my Language, One Simple Technique that Works for us


Language Resources, Multilingual Families

Teaching My Child Amharic: A Mother’s Quest to Keep her Heritage Language Alive



Video: Multi-Language “Let It Go” In 25 Languages

beautiful reason to learn a language

Language, Videos

Video: What a Beautiful Reason to Learn a Language


Language Resources

KinderBooks German Book Exchange for Kids

Adoption-china-changing-child's-birth language - raising-bilingual child

Multilingual Families

When Adoption means Changing a Child’s Birth Language

Multicultural Kids - Bilingual children

Bilingual Parenting

One Playdate, 5 Languages, Our Multicultural Kids

One multilingual family speak four languages on a daily basis

Multilingual Families

How One Multilingual Family Speak Four Languages on a Daily Basis


Bilingual Parenting

Bilingual Siblings: 5 Factors that can Determine their Language Preference

cooking with languages learning languages in the kitchen

Bilingual Parenting, Language Resources

Cooking with Languages – How kids can learn a language in the kitchen


Games & Activities

5 Fun Games Activities Using Flashcards for Bilingual Kids


Bilingual Parenting

How a Bilingual Nanny can Teach your Child a Foreign Language


Multilingual Families, Travel

A Multilingual Travel Lesson: Leading by Example


Bilingual Parenting

How To Introduce Your Second Language To Your Toddler


Multilingual Families

Raising Multilingual Kids as an Expat Family on the Move


Expert Advice, Language

The Link Between Sleep and Language Development for Young Children: New Research