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Learn English for Kids

Learn English for Kids FREE! Want your kids to learn English as a second language? Are you teaching kids English? Are you looking for ESL resources? The best way to learn English is with resources and engaging activities. This “Learn English for Kids” series on Bilingual Kidspot will be updated regularly with new English resources so keep checking for more!

Why Teach Kids English?

There are numerous advantages of learning a second language, no matter which language it is. However English is the most common language spoken worldwide. In fact over 1.5 billion people around the world speak English and English is the official language in over 50 countries.

Teaching your child English will give your child a head start in life and provide endless advantages for their future.

Online English Resources for Children

With the success of our Spanish and Chinese language learning series’, we have introduced online resources for learning English especially for children. These resources for kids learning English have been created by English teachers around the world. Keep checking this post as we will add more English lessons and English resources each week.!

Learn English for Kids

English for Kids Introduction –
Teach Kids English Starter Kit
Lesson 1: Learn English for Kids –
Learn the English Alphabet
Lesson 2: Learn English for Kids –
Learn Numbers and how to count in English
Lesson 3: Coming soon

ESL Resources for Kids

Resources for teaching English as a second language to kids and students

Best English Learning Books for Kids
Best Apps to Learn English for Kids
Best ESL Websites for Kids
ESL Classroom Games for Kids
English Word Games for Kids
Ice Breaker Games for Students
Best English Board Games for Kids
Top English Story Books for Kids
Knock Knock Jokes for Kids
English Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Learn English for Kids

Look out for our English lessons coming up in this Learn English for Kids series on Bilingual Kidspot! Don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the world about our Free Learn English for Kids series!

If you have any other English resources for kids please let us know!