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Learn Arabic for Kids

Arabic for Kids

Learn Arabic for Kids! Do you want your kids to learn Arabic?  Are you teaching Arabic to kids and looking for Arabic lessons for kids online? The best way for kids to learn Arabic is with resources and engaging activities to make it fun!

This “Learn Arabic for Kids” series on Bilingual Kidspot is hosted by Laila from Arabish Way and includes lots of Arabic learning resources for children.

Teach Kids Arabic

Welcome to our Arabic for Kids learning series! Through this FREE online Arabic language learning series, you can expect your kids to learn the basics of Arabic in a fun and easy way.

A list of each Arabic Lesson for kids is listed below.

You will also find some amazing Arabic learning resources in the next section very soon. We will keep adding to this series so keep checking in each week to see what is new.

Learn Arabic for Kids – Free Lessons

In this section you will find our FREE Arabic lessons to teach kids Arabic. Each Arabic lesson for kids has printable posters, fun activities and materials, and suggested resources.

Arabic for Kids Introduction:
Arabic Starter Kit
Lesson 1: Arabic for Kids
Numbers in Arabic
Lesson 2: Arabic for Kids
Colors in Arabic
Lesson 3: Arabic for Kids
Arabic Alphabet
Lesson 4: Arabic for Kids
Parts of Body in Arabic

Resources for Kids Learning Arabic

Coming soon

Who is Arabish Way?

Laila Arabish Way

Hi, I am Laila, founder of Arabish Way, a website to help teach children of all ages about the Arabic language.

I always enjoyed working with children and communities.  While at Smith, I minored in education and I was a pediatric nurse for 8 years. Most recently, I earned a Community-Oriented Public Health masters degree from the University of Washington.   

From all these experiences, I learned the importance of education, culture and community and thus I strive to integrate these elements into my life and the life of my family. 

I started ArabishWay because, as an American mom of Arab descent with two young children, I craved ways to connect my very American children to their family’s culture and at the time (circa 2010), I was unable to find a central place that had language tools for little ones.   

I am so very excited to be working with Bilingual Kidspot to share some of those Arab-ish language tools with you here. 

I’m hoping it inspires you to incorporate Arabic language into your home or classroom.  Wishing you joy and fun on your Arab-ish adventures.

Find more info on the WEBSITE.