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Benefits that highlight the importance of reading with young children

Reading and Writing

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits

Benefits of Reading Books

Reading and Writing

10 Incredible Benefits of Reading Books With Research to Prove it!

Teach kids different alphabets

Reading and Writing

Tips for Teaching Bilingual Kids Different Alphabets

Montessori Language Activities and Materials

Reading and Writing

Montessori Language Development: Activities & Materials for 0-6yrs

teach your child to read minority language

Bilingual Parenting, Reading and Writing

Teaching Your Bilingual Child to Read in the Minority Language

Top story books for kids in English

Language Resources, Reading and Writing, Teach English

Best Kids Story Books in English to Read to Your Children

Early Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Games & Activities, Language, Reading and Writing

20 Literacy Activities for Preschoolers Kindergarten Kids, & Toddlers

Reading phonics games for kids

Games & Activities, Reading and Writing

13 Phonics Games for Kids | Reading Games Kids will Love

Best Book Sets for Children all ages

Reading and Writing, Teach English

32 Best Book Sets for Kids: Ultimate Guide, Book Collections for All Ages


Games & Activities, Language, Reading and Writing

Bedtime stories: Why you should read them every night!


Reading and Writing

12 Ways to Teach your Child to Love Reading

Reading the same book over and over makes kids smarter

Reading and Writing

Reading The Same Book Over and Over Makes Kids Smarter

Free books online for kids

Language Resources, Reading and Writing

Free Online Books for Kids in English and Multi Language

Reading and Writing

Are you overthinking how to read to your bilingual child?

Learn to read using phonics

Reading and Writing, Teach English

How to Teach Kids to Read using Phonics

Open ended questions for Kids

Reading and Writing

50+ Open ended questions for kids to improve comprehension and vocabulary