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Raising Bilingual Children

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How Multilingualism led us to Homeschool

Multilingual Families

How Multilingualism Led Us To Homeschool Our Kids

Benefits that highlight the importance of reading with young children

Reading and Writing

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits

Bilingual Book for Kids: Click London Italian/Spanish/English

Bilingual & Multilingual Book Reviews

Click! London- A Bilingual book for kids exploring the sites of London

Raising Bilingual Kids as a Diplomat

Bilingual Parenting, Multilingual Families

We Taught Our Daughter 8 Languages In 6 Years – Raising Multilingual Kids as a Diplomat


Bilingual Parenting

Online Support Group for Raising Bilingual Kids and Little Global Citizens


Games & Activities

40 Fun and Silly Questions To Ask Kids About Their Day That Guarantee A Response


Bilingual Parenting

How Parenting a Second Bilingual Child is Different to the First


Multilingual Families

Raising a Trilingual child has challenges but it is worth it


Expert Advice

Late Talkers – What to do if your child isn’t talking yet


Language Strategies

Time and Place Language Strategy for Raising Bilingual Kids


Bilingual & Multilingual Book Reviews

Personalized Bilingual Books For Kids – The Little Boy And The Dolphin


Bilingual Parenting, Getting Started, Language Strategies

Adapting the OPOL Language Strategy – Not All Families Can Stick To OPOL So Why Should They?


Bilingual Parenting, Minority Language

Bilingual Kids with Limited Language Exposure, Contradicting the 30% Rule


Expert Advice

When To Ignore Doctors Advice On Speech & Language Development


Books for Parents Raising Bilingual Kids

Multilingual Parenting Book: Raising Multilingual Children


Bilingual Parenting

The Value of Bilingual Teachers In A Monolingual School