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Raising Bilingual Children

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Animal sounds in different languages


How Animals Sound in Different Languages

Spanish Color Songs for Kids

Teach Spanish

Spanish Color Songs for Kids | Songs to Learn Colors in Spanish

Abc Songs in Spanish

Teach Spanish

Spanish Alphabet Songs for Kids | ABC Songs in Spanish on Youtube

Best Book Sets for Children all ages

Reading and Writing, Teach English

32 Best Book Sets for Kids: Ultimate Guide, Book Collections for All Ages

Teach Kids French Colours

Teach French

French For Kids – Learn Colours in French

Don't Teach your child a language, do this instead

Bilingual Parenting

You Don’t Need to TEACH Your Child a Language, Do THIS instead!

Basic Baby Sign Language

Language Resources, Language Strategies, Speech Therapy

Baby Sign Language: Basic Signs to Teach your Baby

Chinese Games & Toys

Teach Chinese

11 Traditional Chinese Games & Toys

Kalle B med skræller

Language Resources

Pippelipop- Multilingual Music for Kids around the World

Teach Kids French Bath Time Vocabulary

Teach French

French for Kids: Bath Time Vocabulary

Creative Writing Prompts For Kids Students

Teach Spanish

60+ Writing Prompts for Kids in Spanish & English

Multi Language Scavenger Hunt Spanish, French, English

Games & Activities, Language Resources, Teach English, Teach French, Teach Spanish

Scavenger Hunt Lists in Spanish, English & French – FREE Printables

Studycat review language learning app

Language Resources, Teach Chinese, Teach English, Teach French, Teach Spanish

Studycat – The Fun & Effective Language Learning Program for Kids

Spanish Lullabies Lyrics babies

Teach Spanish

Spanish Lullabies with Lyrics (Canciones de Cuna) on Youtube & Spotify

Short stories in Spanish

Teach Spanish

Read Spanish stories online FREE with audio options too!

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for Kids

Language Resources, Teach Chinese, Teach Spanish

Learn Spanish or Chinese with these Bilingual Books with Reading Wand & Audio