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Raising Bilingual Children

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Learn Mandarin Chinese language

Bilingual Parenting

10 Reasons Chinese Mandarin is the Language of the Future

The Best Spanish Nursery Rhymes

Teach Spanish

30+ Spanish Nursery Rhymes (With Bilingual Lyrics in Spanish & English)

Spanish Movies for Kids

Teach Spanish

20+ Spanish Movies for Kids

Learn Hindi 100 words and phrases

Teach Hindi

100 Hindi Words and Basic Phrases for Kids (& Adults)

Spanish Games for Kids - Bilingual Kidspot

Teach Spanish

Spanish Games & Board Games for Kids (and Adults)

Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Kids

Teach Chinese

Chinese Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Kids (Lyrics in Pinyin & English)

Montessori Language Activities and Materials

Reading and Writing

Montessori Language Development: Activities & Materials for 0-6yrs

Bilingual Kids do not lag behind

Bilingual Parenting

Bilingual Kids Don’t Lag Behind, They Often Outperform

Hindi story books for Kids

Teach Hindi

10 Iconic Hindi Books, Comics and Stories For Kids in Hindi

Chinese Cartoons for Kids Miaomiao

Teach Chinese

Chinese Cartoons and Animated Shows for Kids

Cooking subscription box from around the world

Subscription boxes for kids

eat2explore: A Delicious International Cooking Subscription Box from Around the World

Free books online for kids

Language Resources, Reading and Writing

Free Online Books for Kids in English and Multi Language

Miaomiao TV series and Chinese language learning app

Teach Chinese

Learn Mandarin Chinese with Miaomiao Kidz

Facts about Mexico, Languages, Food, Culture and Customs

Teach Spanish

Facts about Mexico: Mexican Language, Culture, Customs & Traditions

Family Members in Chinese for Kids

Teach Chinese

Family Members in Chinese – Teach Kids Mandarin with these Free Lessons

Open ended questions for Kids

Reading and Writing

50+ Open ended questions for kids to improve comprehension and vocabulary