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Bilingual Kidspot Chontelle Bonfiglio

Bilingual Kidspot is an informative website and blog offering practical advice for parents seeking to raise bilingual kids and little global citizens.

Created by an educator, world explorer, and mother, it is a place that provides inspiration, tools, and support; with strategies based on experience as a parent, and as a teacher of a foreign language to children.

On this website you will find an extensive Language Resource section with language materials for kids.

In the Multilingual Family Series you can read about other families raising bilingual or multilingual kids in different situations with different languages.

Bilingual Kidspot  hosts a range of Guest Experts on topics relating to speech and language development, and bilingualism to give professional Advice.

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Founder and Editor – Chontelle Bonfiglio


Chontelle Bonfiglio, founder of Bilingual Kidspot
Australian / Italian

Certified ESL teacher and mother of 2 bilingual children.

Having learned to speak Italian as an adult, I know how hard it can be to learn a language later in life.

I grew up only speaking English, though I am half Italian. I could never communicate with my paternal grandparents growing up because although they lived in Australia, they never learned to speak English, and I couldn’t speak Italian. It wasn’t until I moved overseas that I learned to speak the language.

After university in Melbourne, I took what was meant to be a year out to travel around Europe. However I caught the travel bug and decided to explore more of the world.

I started working with young children teaching English in schools, and within private families as a Governess.

I travelled extensively working in Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, and Italy, experiencing first hand how easy it is for children to learn a foreign language, and how quickly they are able to pick it up at a young age.

Coincidentally, I met and married an Italian man and now have two young children who are bilingual. Speaking English and Italian fluently, they are also learning Spanish as a third language.

Bilingual Kidspot Chontelle Bonfiglio

I love to teach my kids about different languages and cultures, and we travel frequently so that we can show them different parts of the world.

I believe that with the many benefits of being bilingual, that every child should have the chance to learn a second language.

I created Bilingual Kidspot in 2016 to share my knowledge and my personal experience with other families who would like to raise bilingual kids. My goal is to spread the word about the importance of languages for all children around the world.

If you are just getting started on your bilingual journey THIS POST will give you a great introduction.

I hope you will find some inspiration on on Bilingual Kidspot!


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