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Spanish Words For Kids & Beginners, Basic Spanish Vocabulary

Basic Spanish Words for Kids

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Looking for basic Spanish words for kids or beginner Spanish speakers to learn? Whether your kids are learning Spanish as a second language, or they are native Spanish speakers, a great way to start is with some easy Spanish vocabulary. This list of basic Spanish words is a great way to teach Spanish vocabulary.

Teaching Spanish Words

The Spanish language is a great language to learn for any child and there are so many benefits. Being one of the most spoken languages in the world Spanish can be helpful in all aspects of life.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our Learn Spanish for Kids series of free online lessons and activities.

It also includes things like Spanish books, Spanish songs, and other Free Spanish resources that are helpful on your language learning journey.

Basic Spanish Words for Kids

The following easy Spanish words for kids and beginners is a great list to keep handy while teaching your kids Spanish.

Not only for kids, these basic Spanish words are also great for beginners to learn too.

We have a range of printable materials with these easy Spanish words for kids, in other posts on this site.

Simply follow the links in each section and print them off at home to learn. Pop them up on your walls or make a folder so your kids can learn any time.

Easy Spanish Words For Kids – Greetings

Some basic Spanish words to help greet people and say hello, goodbye and asking how someone is. More greetings here>>>

Spanish Greetings Vocab

hola (hello)
adiós (good-bye)
buenos días (good morning)
buenas tardes (good afternoon)
buenas noches (good evening/night)

¿Cómo estás? (How are you feeling?)
Estoy… (I am feeling…)
… muy bien, gracias. (very well, thanks)
… mal (not well)

Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Numbers

Numbers are always a great start to learning a language. Here are the numbers 1 – 15 in Spanish. See the main numbers post here>>>

Spanish Numbers - Counting in Spanish for Kids

0 – cero (zero)
1 – uno (one)
2 – dos (two)
3 – tres (three)
4 – cuatro (four)
5 – cinco (five)

6 – seis (six)
7 – siete (seven)
8 – ocho (eight)
9 – nueve (nine)
10 – diez (ten)

11 – once (eleven)
12 – doce (twelve)
13 – trece (thirteen)
14 – catorce (fourteen)
15 – quince (fifteen)

Easy Spanish Words For Kids – Colors

Some basic Spanish words for colours so you can describe the colour of objects. Read more about counting in Spanish here>>> and to help practice, learn some Colour songs>>

Colors in Spanish : Printable Lesson for Kids

rojo – red
anaranjado / naranja – orange

amarillo – yellow
verde – green

azul – blue
morado / violeta – purple

rosado / rosa – pink
negro – black

blanco – white

Easy Spanish Words For Kids – Family Members

Some basic Spanish words for kids and beginners to learn about the names of family members. See the main post here>>>

Family Members in Spanish - Online Spanish Lesson for Kids

La mama – Mom
El papa – Dad

La hija / Daughter
La hermana – / Sister

El hijo – Son
El hermano -Brother

La abuela – Grandma
El abuelo – Grandpa

La tia – Aunt
El tio – Uncle
El primo / La prima – Cousin

Easy Spanish Words For Kids – Hobbies and Activities

These are some basic Spanish words for kids and beginners that describe hobbies and activities. We have more of these too, check out our whole post on Hobbies in Spanish>>>

Activities & Sports, Hobbies in Spanish for Kids

dibujar – to draw
dormir – to sleep

jugar – to play
hablar – to talk / speak

cuidar – to take care of
montar en bicicleta

bailar – to dance
nadar – to swim

tocar un instrumento – to play an instrument

Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Other

Some basic Spanish words, phrases, and common questions with answers in Spanish.

¿Cómo te llamas? (What’s your name?)
Me llamo… (I’m called…)
Mucho gusto. (Nice to meet you.)

¿Dónde está…? (Where is he/she/it?)
Está… (He/she/it is…)

el hombre (the man)
la mujer (the woman)
el niño (the child/boy)
la niña (the child/girl)

aquí (here)
allí (there)

Easy Spanish Song Words

Singing makes learning Spanish easy! Sing these songs to learn easy Spanish words!

More Spanish Learning Resources

Hopefully this post on Spanish words for kids has been helpful for you to teach your kids some new Spanish vocabulary. Use these basic Spanish words and phrases to kick start your child’s language learning!

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