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Parts of the Body – Arabic for Kids

Learn Body Parts in Arabic for Kids Free

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Ahlan! Welcome to the fourth part of our Arabic for Kids series, Body parts in Arabic. In this FREE Arabic lesson for kids you can learn all about the body parts in Arabic. Use the printable materials and follow the activities and games to help teach your kids Arabic.

Arabic Parts of the Body

Ahlan! I am Laila, owner of ArabishWay. I am so excited to be working with Bilingual Kidspot on this Learn Arabic for Kids series to bring you a series of focused lessons to help you on your Arabic journey, a.k.a. your Arabish way.

If you haven’t already, please check out the Teach Kids Arabic Starter Kit as we will build on those basics.

Below you will find books, songs, toys, and activities generally geared towards toddler and preschool-aged kids, but they can be used for kids of all ages.  I create tools to support non-native speakers and provide transliteration whenever possible. 

I also try to keep it fun by using a colloquial dialect (specifically the Levantine or Shami dialect).  If that is not your dialect, please use these suggestions asy a model to help you find or formulate the equivalent in your dialect.  

Parts of the Body in Arabic – Resources

Here are some basic parts of the body to help you get started.  You will find these in the stories, songs and activities recommended below!

Arabic Parts of the Body Printable

Now that you have the basics in place.  Let’s put them to use with some activities!

Kids Activities in Arabic to Learn Parts of the Body

Let’s have a conversation:  Where is your ____?

Use this guide and the body parts above to help you engage with your child in Arabic. 

Where's Your Body Part In Arabic Printable for Kids

Little ones will love showing off their skills by pointing to parts of their face and getting a verbal “Bravo!” reward for pointing to the right spot!

Body Parts Songs in Arabic

Here is my go-to Head Shoulders Knees and Toes song in ArabicIn this version, it’s actually Head, Shoulders, Tummy, Feet . . . and I like that this version makes it cute and rhyming by saying “my head” and “my shoulders” . . . 

Here is a YouTube video of the song:

And here are with the lyrics in Arabic, English translation and English transliteration. The kids love it when you sing it slow at first then faster and faster and faster! View and Print Here>>>

Body Parts Books in Arabic

Here are my two favorite books to read that include body parts!

Arabic book Toes Ears Nose

Toes, Ears and Nose by Karen Katz is simple and fun. Kids love the flaps!  It’s only available in English but check out my super simplified Arabic version here on You Tube:

And find the pdf with the Arabic, English translation and English transliteration: View and print here>>>

And then of course, The Gingerbread Man by Mara Alperin is a classic and is great because you can hear the different body parts as he hops onto different parts of the fox.

Gingerbread man in Arabic

You can see a video of the ArabishWay verison being read on YouTube here:

And you can find the pdf here with English translation and transliteration: View and print here>>>>

Body Parts Teaching Resources and Games in Arabic

Here is a matching worksheet, especially designed for ArabishWay that you can try with your kiddos. View and Print full worksheet here>>>>

Arabic for kids worksheet printable parts of the body

Simon Says

“Simon Says” is a great way to engage kids with the language of the parts of the body.  Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

حط يديك علع          –       حطي يديكي علع              –       حطو يديكن علع
Put your hands on (to a male) – Put your hands on (to a female) – Put y’all’s hands on
HuT ee-dayk ‘a-la –              HuT-Tee ee-day-kee ‘a-la   –              HuT-Too ee-day-kon ‘a-la
your head
your nose
your tummy

For more “Simon Says” ideas check out this handout>>>


And for when your kids are a little older, around 6 years of age, you can practice two of the body parts (your hands and your feet) by playing Twisterâ the ArabishWay. 

twister game to learn arabic

Here are the basic words for the body parts, the directions and the colors (see our Arabic color lesson here)

Body Parts

  • foot – ij-jir or  Qaw-dem
  • hand – Yed


  • right – ya-meen
  • left – ish-mayl


  • red – uH-mar
  • blue – uzz-ruq
  • yellow- uSS-far
  • green – ukh-Dar

Check out my kids giving this game a whirl using their Arabic skills:

Learning languages, especially Arabic for kids is a lot of fun! I’m hoping you found at least one way to introduce parts of the body to your child.

If you are interested in more be sure to check out the rest of the Arabic series here on Bilingual Kids Spot here >>>

Il-lall-lay-qaw’ – Until next time

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Learn Body Parts in Arabic for Kids Printables

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