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Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Review – English, Chinese, Spanish

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Main

Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Review – English, Chinese, Spanish

Have kids learning Spanish, English or Chinese? Check out the Youdao Dictionary Pen 3, a smart scanning pen and dictionary helping kids learn to read and understand languages!

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 is a smart scanning pen for kids and adults that is aimed to help with language learning, independent reading and also assist those with dyslexia.

When reading or learning a new language, we often come across new words, idioms, or sentences that we don´t know, therefore we need assistance.

Sometimes translation is not enough nor it’s always accurate, we need guidance on how to use that word in a sentence or a deeper understanding of it, as well as finding out the pronunciation.

The Youdao Dictionary Pen has been designed to solve these problems and make learning easier and something children can do more independently.

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How does the Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 work?

Just scan a word or sentence and the pen will give the translation, pronunciation and features for language learning.

The pen can work offline and has a touch screen, where the original and translated text will appear, as well as a speaker that will reproduce the sound.

The user can tap on individual words and check their meaning, example sentences, the pronunciation, as well as mark them for further review.

Spanish Learning

Youdau Dictionary Pen 3 Spanish & Chinese learning

Have kids learning Spanish? The pen includes several dictionaries and artificial intelligence to detect the context of the words and bring the best possible definition.

When scanning a word or sentence either in Spanish or English, the pen will give the translation, meaning along with the audio.

Users can tap on individual words on the pen´s screen to see their meaning. The pen will then give the meaning with pronounceable bilingual example sentences that better explain how to use that word in a sentence or situation.

The user can tap on the star icon to mark them for further review or tap on the magnifying glass icon to check the verb conjugation in Spanish.

You don’t need to manually choose if they will scan English or Spanish, the pen automatically detects the language of the text and gives the proper learning features.

The principle of learning in the pen is: show the meaning, give the audible pronunciation to improve the listening, then check the examples to give a deeper understanding and then allow children review the new vocabulary under wordbook feature for a better retention of knowledge.

Chinese learning

Youdau Dictionary Pen 3 Chinese

Are you or your kids learning Chinese? The Youdao dictionary pen 3 is equipped with lots of dictionaries, including Youda´s own dictionary, vocabulary of ancient Chinese, poetry, idioms and much more.

It can detect both, traditional and simplified characters as well as can be used to scan horizontal or vertical lines of text.

After scanning a sentence, the original and translated text will appear on the pen´s screen, along with the pronunciation.

Users can tap on individual words on the screen to see the individual meaning.

After tapping on a word, the meaning will appear, along with the sound of the pronunciation. Users can tap on the individual character to see the video of the stroke order, the meaning of that character, the radical and more examples of how to use it.

By tapping on the star icon, users will be able to mark those words to review them later under the feature of wordbook.

Feature Tap & Translate

Youdao´s pen is the only one with this feature. It was designed to help with individual word query by just placing the pen´s tip before a word and gently pressing it, the scanner will detect the character and give the meaning without having to scan.

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 is extremely useful with Chinese learning. When children come across new characters it is not easy to just open a dictionary or app to look them up, and it is also difficult to know how to pronounce them.

Finding a reliable tool that gives the accurate meaning and explanation is hard to find, and often kids rely on their parents to help them with the translation.

Many parents have happily told us that our smart pen can help their kids become more independent learners.

You can check more about the pen for Chinese learning in this video.

English Learning

Youdau Dictionary Pen 3 English Learning 2

For Spanish or Chinese speakers who are learning English, or English speakers who are learning how to read, the pen will be of great assistance.

Besides giving the definitions or translation of complete sentences, as well as the audio and examples, the pen under the English learning mode will offer two features:

Speech Scoring: Identified by a microphone icon, users can read aloud the scanned sentence or word. Artificial Intelligence of Youdao will score the pronunciation.

Phonics Teaching: This is identified by the Aa icon. This feature appears after scanning or looking up a word and teaches users how to pronounce the word letter by letter, showing the relationship between each letter and its sound in spoken language.

Youdau Dictionary Pen 3 English Learning

What technology is embedded in the Youdao Dictionary Pen 3?

Optical Character Recognition

With a recognition rate of up to 99.6%, the technology of the scanner allows the pen to detect text on different kinds of surfaces even on screens, as well as be able to work with different types of fonts and font colors.


Turns scanned text into audio. Clear sound, adjustable volume and speed.

Youdao Neural Machine Translation (YNMT)

Artificial Intelligence is used, allowing an accurate and natural translation based on the context.


More than 4 million entries and multiple dictionaries included Merriam-Webster´s and Youdao´s dictionary.

Usage scenarios for the Youdao Dictionary Pen 3

  • The pen is perfect for parents teaching their children a second language such as Spanish or Chinese.
  • Language learners: learning a language such as Mandarin or Spanish can be a difficult task, so this pen can make the process an easier and more immersive one.
  • Those with reading difficulties such as dyslexia can use the pen not only at school or office, but also bring the pen with them, the pen can read labels on packagings, instructions and much more.
  • School: the pen can be used by children who have dyslexia or non-English speakers, this will allow them to break the reading or language barrier and feel more comfortable at class.
  • Learning how to read: The pen will help acquire new vocabulary, will assist with pronunciation and show how the words are pronounced.

Where to find the Youdao Dictionary Pen?

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