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Arabic Alphabet with Resources for Kids

Learn Arabic Alphabet for Kids

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Arabic Alphabet with Resources for Kids

Ahlan! Want to learn the Arabic Alphabet? In this post you can find lots of resources and materials to learn the alphabet in Arabic.

This Arabic alphabet resource list is part of our Learn Arabic for Kids. I am Laila, owner of ArabishWay and in this post I will give you resources for learning the Arabic alphabet for kids.

Arabic Alphabet

You may have already seen this alphabet posters in our Arabic starter kit where you can print it off for free. These will be an excellent tool as you utilize the resources we go through.

Arabic Alphabet Free Printable With Arrows

Below you will find books, songs, toys, and activities geared towards toddler and preschool-aged kids, but they can be used for kids of all ages. 

I create tools to support non-native speakers and provide transliteration whenever possible.  I also try to keep it fun by using a colloquial dialect (specifically the Levantine or Shami dialect).  If that is not your dialect, please use the idea/concept as a model to help you find or formulate the equivalent in your dialect. 

Find below the following:

  • Arabic Alphabet Songs for Kids
  • Arabic Alphabet Books for Kids
  • Arabic Alphabet Learning Resources for Kids
  • Arabic Alphabet Materials for Adults

Arabic Alphabet Songs for Kids

Here are my three go-to Arabic alphabet songs. See below for the individual YouTube links!

There is the Arabic one done by Syraj kids, which is great and can be found on YouTube.

Or here’s one that follows the same tune as the American ABC’s

And then this was a big hit in our home for the longest time; done by the talented Rouba Beydoun.  Instead of each letter’s name, this song sings the letters as they sound with each of the three vowel sounds that go with with it. And the video shows the vowel markers on the letters as she sings!

Arabic Alphabet Books for Kids

I love books! And these are my top three Arabic Alphabet Books recommendations.

1. Animals Alif

Animals Alif Arabic Book

I love this one for the large size, cute pictures and easy to read Arabic print and can be found at Noor Art.

For non-Arabic readers, here’s a PDF with transliteration and translation! And below you can find it being read on Youtube.

2. Paint the Arabic Alphabet

Lets paint the alphabet arabic book

This Arabic board book is for those of you who want a story in English with an introduction to the Arabic letters. Paint the Arabic Alphabet is adorable. Each page has fun illustrations and short description of how the letter is shaped. You can find it on Amazon here.

3. Alif, Baa, Yaa

ALIF, BAA', YAA' (ألف بأ ياء)

I just discovered this arabic alphabet book on Maktabatee. It’s perfect for those who enjoy reading in Arabic!  Each page has a rhyming sentence that is silly and fun!

Arabic Alphabet Learning Resources for Kids

Some fun activities that can help teach kids the Arabic alphabet.

1. Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

Arabic alphabet Flashcards

These flashcards by AraBeeare made of sturdy card stock and have beautiful images. The flip side shows how the letter looks in the initial, middle and end. There are three sets of flashcards: objects, animals, and fruits and vegetables. You can find them on Amazon Here.

2. Arabic Alphabet BINGO!

Bingo Arabic Game

Bingo is fun easy way to gain letter recognition. This one is good for up to four players. You just need a printer (and laminator to make it last longer)  Download these Bingo sheets and other great printables from Qamar Designs and best of all this one is FREE!

3. Arabic Alphabet Posters

I like have some Arabic up around the house and this poster has hung in my girls’ nursery from the day they were born. We love the bright colors and fun pictures. You can find it on Amazon here.

4. Arabic Alphabet Puzzles

Arabic alphabet puzzle

If you are looking to add alphabet games to your home this Arabic puzzle is great. You can find it on Amazon here.

5. Arabic Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks in Arabic

Uncle Goose makes high quality wooden blocks in many languages.  The Arabic blocks are a a great way to expose your child to Arabic while also building gross motor skills. You can find them on Amazon Here.

6. Arabic Alphabet Mat

Arabic alphabet mat

Also from Noor Art are these interlocking foam mats with Arabic letters.  If you buy the LARGE size they can be used to build forts or for padding the floor while simultaneously exposing your child to the Arabic alphabet. They are very durable! Find them on Amazon here.

7. Word Puzzles

Arabic Word Games

For when you are ready to help your child start spelling Arabic words these are sure to help These word puzzles by Thinker Nation are very well made and great for showing kids how the letters fit together. Positions are color-coded to make it easier to find the letters.

8. Arabic magnetic Board Letters

Arabic magnetic alphabet letters

These well designed Arabic letter magnets are a great resource. Each letter is a unique color to help your child become familiar with all the different letter forms. The magnetic whiteboard surface allows arranging letters and spelling words on the go. You can find them on Amazon here.

Arabic Alphabet Learning for Adults

If you, as a parent or guardian are looking to learn the Arabic alphabet, I recommend a resource that comes with a CD or some sort of audio.  I love Alif Baa with Multimedia: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds, by Kristen Brustad and it can be found on Amazon here.

I would also encourage you to look at your local community college to see if they offer an Arabic 101.  It would be a great way to show your kids that it’s never too late to learn and a way to meet other Arabic language learners.

Learn Arabic Alphabet for Kids

The Arabic alphabet is so fun to learn. I’m hoping you found at least one way to introduce the Arabic alphabet with your child. If you are interested in more be sure to check out the rest of the Learn Arabic for Kids series here on Bilingual KidSpot.

Il-lall-lay-qaw’ – Until next time.. Laila

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Learn Arabic Alphabet for Kids with Resources & Materials

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