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8 World Globes for Kids and Students to Learn about the world

Best world globes for kids

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Bilingual Kidspot

Learning about Geography can be so much fun when kids have their own world globe. Here you can find a list of the best globes for kids and students to learn about the world.

Learn about Geography with Globes for Kids

Geography doesn’t need to be a boring subject. With a world globe it can actually be really fun and exciting learning about different parts of the world and other cultures.

But which are the best globes for children according to their age and where can you find them?

To save you the time searching through reviews, we have put together the ultimate list of the best world globes for kids, students, and even adults.

We have included the classic and traditional globes for older children; however we have also included some interactive globes for kids who are younger. Kids can never be too young to learn about the world, even toddlers and pre-schoolers can start with the basics.

Some of these world globes on the list require some type of smart device or memory, however others are simple and don’t need a thing. There is a range of globes for kids to suit all budgets too.

We have had (and still have) a few different world globes over the years for our kids. We started off with the kids interactive globes while they were younger, and eventually went for a beautiful traditional globe for their desk.  

Best word globes for kids and students

8 World Globes for Kids

Here we will start with the classic globes and then go onto the more interactive globes for kids.

1. Advantus 12 Inch Desktop World Globe

Advantus world globe

If you are a looking for a classic world globe, the Advantus desktop world globe is a good choice. This one is a political world globe with blue oceans illustrating mountains, forests, deserts and grasslands.

In addition to the thousands of locations displayed, this globe also highlights geographical features such as the international date line, major ocean currents and raised topography for mountainous regions.

Measuring 12 inches, it comes already assembled and is perfect for the desktop.
Find Online Here

2. Waypoint Geographic Light Up Scout Globe for Kids

Waypoint Geographic Globe for Kids

Looking for a world globe that lights up? This illuminated globe for kids makes a fantastic addition to any home or playroom décor.

The Scout Globe, is a standard, 12″ globe for kids with a blue ocean, colorful countries and landmasses, and current geopolitical boundaries. It features more than 4,000 places and points of interest and identifies ocean topography, offering children a complete and accurate set of knowledge about our world.
Find Online Here

3. TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids with Wooden Stand

TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids

Another classic world globe for kids but this time with an antique look, perfect for home and office decoration.

This Illuminated World Globe Features Switch-Controlled LED Lights so it Turns into Beautiful Lighted Globe For Night time Learning

It is designed to feel antique with easy-to-read names which including oceans, seas, U.S. states & capitals, major cities, countries & capitals, islands, and continents.
Find Online Here

4. Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer (Multilingual)

Oregon Scientific Smart Multilingual World Globe

A different type of world globe than the classic style, this is a smart globe. Kids can learn and enjoy about geography with 20,000+ fun facts, 42 games, and test quizzes.

Featuring a wireless Bluetooth touch pen that features headphone jack, speaker, and updateable memory the AR Augmented Reality smart device app brings the globe to life with animals, dinosaurs, and famous landmarks

One of the best features is that it has a multi-language option: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French.
Find Online Here

5. Augmented Reality Interactive World Globe for Kids

Augmented Reality Interactive World Globe for Kids

This is interactive world globe for kids that helps them learn about geography, environmental science, general science, and cultural sensitivity.

Just use the supplied APP to scan the globe to make them vivid and explore the world in different modes in the APP.

The illuminated globe lights up so it can be also used in the dark and doubles as a night light. Perfect for kids 6-12 years old.

Compatible with the iPad 5th gen and above, iPad Air 2 and above, iPad Pro all models, any Androild device and more.
Find Online Here

6. Leapfrog World Globe for Kids

Leapfrog World Globe for Kids

Travel the world and see everything in it with the interactive Magic Adventures Globe. Tap on the globe with the stylus to learn about new places, cultures, languages, geography, animals, habitats and more through high quality BBC videos and animations on the integrated video screen.

Kids will be fully immersed in learning, providing a better understanding of the world through the included content of over five hours of videos and three interactive games to explore.

Features a 2.7″ LCD screen that displays video and animations with playful characters that guide children through games and activities

Race around the world, discover new places and solve mysteries by answering questions in three entertaining interactive games. Great for kids 5 years and up.
Find Online Here

7. Little Experimenter Globe for Kids: 3-in-1 World Globe with Stand 

Little Experimenter Globe for Kids

Little Experimenter Kids Globe is a great option. Kids will learn and discover different countries, capitals, deserts, oceans and seas in easy-to-read text.

Ignite your child’s imagination with a beautifully illuminated view of the constellation map! A hidden sensor turns this feature on automatically as the room darkens. Makes a beautiful décor piece in any room.

Enhance your child’s bedroom with the softly lit pattern of a moon and stars in steady color-changing motion. The dim glow helps calm night time fears and makes for magical dreams.

The Little Experimenter Globe is run on batteries for cord-free convenience.
Find Online Here

8. Learning Resources Puzzle Globe 3-D

Learning Resources Puzzle Globe 3-D

For toddlers and younger kids the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe is perfect. It is ideal for kids 3 years and up.

The puzzle globe is designed to help even pre K learners investigate the continents, the oceans, famous landmarks, different kinds of animals, and so much more.

The big chunky pieces are designed to match up to holes on the globe, so it’s easier for children to put continents In place.
Find Online Here

World Globes for Children

Every child should have a world globe. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a child you know, or you are looking for an educational tool that can teach your kids about travel and geography, world globes are always a great choice.

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