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Best Spanish Flashcards (For Kids & Adults)

Best Spanish Flashcards for Kids and Adults

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Looking for flashcards in Spanish? Here we have rounded up the best Spanish flashcards for learning or practicing the Spanish language.

Whether you are looking for Spanish flashcards for kids, or even Spanish flashcards for adults or advanced Spanish speakers, this list of flashcards in Spanish gives you a range of options for all budgets.

Why use Spanish Flashcards?

Flashcards are a great way to improve memory and have been used for many years in education. Teachers often use flashcards to introduce new topics, and it is no different with languages.

Spanish flashcards are the perfect way to start to learn or practice Spanish vocabulary and phrases. When used correctly, they help to retain information and enhance the ability to recall it again later.

Both kids and adults will benefit from the use of Spanish flashcards, and there are many different types depending on the age and language level of the student.

To save you trawling online, we have put together a list of flashcards in Spanish to help you make the best choice.

Spanish Flashcards

Find below the following Spanish Flashcards for all ages and levels

  • Flashcards in Spanish for Kids
  • Flashcards in Spanish for Adults

Click on the links to find out where you can purchase these Spanish flaschards and start learning!

TIP: If you are looking for printable Spanish flashcards, check out our Learn Spanish for Kids series, each lesson has FREE printable materials to help kids learn Spanish. If you are looking for physical flashcards here are some options below!

Flashcards in Spanish

This list of Spanish flashcards for kids includes flashcards in Spanish for toddlers, young kids, and preschool age children. We start with the kids flashcards so skip to the end of the list for Spanish flashcards for adults.

1. Mudpuppy Illustrated Spanish to English Flash Cards

Young children will have fun learning Spanish with these sturdy laminated toddler flash cards. Each of the 26 double-sided cards has a different English and Spanish noun. They also feature a closable ring so you can keep the flashcards together or remove them to play with.
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2. World of Eric Carle Spanish-English Flash Cards

Eric Carle Spanish Flashcards for kids

These bilingual flashcards for toddlers and young kids are great for introducing first words. Featuring 20 Flashcards in Spanish and English, with images from the books of Eric Carle including the famous Hungry Caterpillar, these flashcards are printed on thick sturdy board and fit easily in small hands.
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3. Learning Flashcards for Toddlers

Bilingual Flashcards for Kids Spanish and English

Toddlers and young kids will love these premium large Spanish flashcards (215mm x 280mm). With 500+ basic words with pictures they are perfect for children up to 7 years old.
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4. Strong Minds Spanish Flashcards

Strong Minds Spanish Flashcards for kids

Whether Spanish is your childs first language, or they are learning Spanish as a second language they will love this set of 144 Spanish flashcards. These flashcards in Spanish for kids include ABC, Animal Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, and first words. The illustrations are colourful while keeping a realistic look. Perfect for kids 3-5 years old. Ideal if you are homeschooling in Spanish too.
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5. Bilingual Flaschards Value Pack

Bilingual Flashcards value pack

This set of 4 flashcard packs include vibrant Spanish flashcards to get kids learning Spanish. Perfect for children 3 years and above, the pack features numbers, alphabet, colours, shapes, first words and more. Each deck also comes with a binder ring, ensuring that the flashcards won’t get lost.
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This list of Spanish flashcards includes flashcards in Spanish for older children who are fluent readers and adults who are learning or wanting to practice the Spanish language.

6. Travel Flips Spanish Flashcards

Travel flips spanish flashcards

If you are looking for simple vocabulary Spanish flashcards this version from Travel Flips are great. Each card has the phonetic pronunciation and English translation on each card. These are great for older kids or adults and come in a stylish portable box.
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7. Edupress Spanish in a Flash Cards

Spanish in a Flash

These Spanish flashcards are great for older students and adults. These 100 Spanish/English flash cards are color-coded by subject area and feature photographic images. There is also a phonetic spellings aid in pronunciation of Spanish words.
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8. Barrons Spanish Phrases Flashcards

Barrons Spanish phrases

Learn the most common Spanish words and phrases with these two sets of flashcards. Barron’s Spanish Words and Phrases You Need to Know includes more than 400 flashcards with the 201 most common words and the 201 most common phrases.

Each of these flashcard includes a Spanish word or phrase with phonetic pronunciation on the front, with the English translation and a photo on the back. You’ll also find feature cards that provide pronunciation guidance, verb conjugations, pronouns, numbers, and more.
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9. Carddia Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards for Beginners

ARDDIA Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards

These flashcards in Spanish are divided into 10 different topics to learn. The 218 cards display a word on the other side and the English translation on the other side. There is an example sentence with a color image as well. You can also download the audio mp3 files free to help you read the words with the right pronunciation. These are standard playing size cards and easy to carry.
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10. Spanish Phrases Quick Study Flashcards

Spanish phrases flashcards

With QuickStudy Flash Cards you can learn 1,000 Spanish phrases with the English saying on one side and the Spanish on the other. They are short, basic Spanish phrases so they suit beginners.

Utilizing a tabbed categorization system, QuickStudy Flash Cards will save you time and effort searching for subject material, allowing you to study more efficiently.
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Spanish Resources

Spanish Flashcards for kids and adults are a great way to learn and practice the Spanish language for all ages and levels. Looking for more Spanish learning resources? Check these posts:

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Best Flashcards in Spanish for Kids & Adults

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