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15 Best Spanish Magazines for Kids & Teens

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15 Best Spanish Magazines for Kids & Teens

Reading magazines can be an excellent way for kids and teens to learn Spanish, or improve their already existing language skills. This list provides you with the best Spanish magazines for kids and teens.

Magazines are often filled with games and interesting articles that will keep your child engaged while learning new vocabulary. If you want your child or teen to learn a new language – start by getting them some magazines in Spanish.

Before we jump into the list of recommendations, let’s explore why magazines are such a helpful language learning tool.

Why are Spanish magazines a good language learning tool?

When learning a language, it is just as important to be able to read and write the language as it is to listen and speak.

However sometimes Spanish textbooks can be dry and poorly translated kids’ books aren’t all that engaging.

Sometimes, kids need more interesting content to get excited about reading and learning a new language.

That is where magazines come in.

Magazines are full of authentic culture, uncommon vocabulary, and real-life examples.

Plus, instead of handing your student and huge book to slog through, they have a thin magazine full of short articles and pictures to choose from.

Especially for reluctant readers and beginners, magazines in Spanish feel much more accessible than a large book.

How can Spanish magazines help kids or teens learn Spanish?

For children just learning Spanish, magazines are a valuable tool because they include shorter texts and are generally full of images.

Images give clues to help readers figure out the context of what they are reading and discern the meaning of words they don’t know.

Magazines in Spanish also give kids examples of authentic language, which is often fairly different from textbook language.

How can Spanish magazines help bilingual kids improve their Spanish?

For Spanish speakers, magazines in Spanish are a great tool to get kids reading. Instead of reading the same book over and over again, Spanish magazine subscriptions for kids offer fresh, new content each month.

If your child is living in an area where Spanish is not the majority language, magazines help them stay connected with the culture and everyday language.

Not only that, magazines are usually focused on specific topics. That means you can find a magazine that fits your child’s interests so that he or she will love every page.

How to Find the Right Spanish Magazine for Your Child:

  • Consider your child’s interests. Choose a magazine that will have material your student will enjoy.
  • Take into account your child’s Spanish reading and comprehension level. If your child or teen is just learning Spanish, using a magazine geared toward younger kids about a subject he or she enjoys may be a perfect fit.
  • Remember that purchasing a magazine from another country will cost you a bit more in shipping. Unfortunately, in the case of some smaller publishers, shipping outside of the country of origin isn’t even an option. If that is a concern, look for a digital Spanish magazine subscription.

We have broken the list of magazines into the following categories to make it easier to find the right fit.

  • Spanish magazines for kids
  • Spanish magazines for teens

Best Spanish Magazines for Kids

Find below the best magazines in Spanish for Kids

1. High 5 Bilingüe

Spanish magazines for kids High Five Bilingue

High 5 Bilingüe is a very well-known magazine in Spanish and English. It is a perfect fit for Spanish speakers and learners ages 2-6. The magazine is full of short stories, puzzles, games, crafts, and projects to do together as a family.

Since High 5 Bilingüe is bilingual, it is also a great tool for kids beginning their Spanish language journey. If there is a section that your child is struggling to comprehend in Spanish, the English half of the magazine is there to help him or her figure out the meaning.

2. Time For Kids en Español

Time for Kids Spanish magazine

Time for Kids is an amazing digital magazine in Spanish and English that offers tons of articles about news and current events, separated by grade level, for free on their website.

There is a paid subscription in English that comes out bi-monthly with current events but it does not appear that those issues are available in Spanish at the time this article was published.

Thanks to the Spanish-English translations of the articles, even beginners could read Time for Kids en Español by going back and forth between the two languages to help with comprehension.

3. Muy Interestante Junior

Muy Interesante junior spanish magazine for kids

This is the kid-friendly version of a popular Mexican magazine, Muy Interesante. Although there is a subscription available, there are plenty of articles on their website as well.

Muy Interesante Junior says it was created for kids who want to learn something new about the world around them every day. The magazine explores science, history, nature, art, traditions, and more.

The information is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format with fun games mixed in to keep kids engaged.

This one might be a little difficult for kids just beginning their Spanish language journey. However, it is a great fit for intermediate and beyond, as well as native Spanish speakers, who need some engaging reading material.

4. Algarabía Niños

Algarabia kids magazine in spanish

Algarabía Niños is another Mexican magazine that offers a mixture of learning and fun. This Spanish magazine for kids is a selection of kid-friendly topics that also appear in the adult version of Algarabía. The articles cover health, science, pop culture, and much more.

You can purchase digital or hard copies of previously published issues or take advantage of the Algarabía Spanish magazine subscription. Their website also offers a variety of articles to read online or download for free.

5. NatGeoNiños

Like many of the other magazines in Spanish listed above, National Geographic offers tons of free articles online. They have a section for adults, kids, and even families.

As you may have guessed, NatGeoNiños, their Spanish magazine subscription for kids, focuses on sciences and social studies, specifically nature, geography, and culture.

If your child is interested in learning more about the world around them, this is the Spanish magazine subscription for you.

Their subscription is currently being published by a group called Blue Ocean. This company also publishes tons of other popular magazines and comics in Spanish.

If you live in an area where these items can be shipped to you, Blue Ocean is a great resource for additional Spanish magazines for kids.

6. Cucú

Cucu Magazine Spanish

This Colombian magazine is geared toward preschool-aged children. The magazine is full of activities to do together as a family.

It also includes early literacy information and social-emotional stories, like how to be a good friend, share, and other basic life skills that are truly the foundation of early learning.

Unfortunately, the magazine subscription is only available to people within Colombia but a few editions are available on Amazon.

7. Reportero Doc

Reportero Doc Spanish magazine for kids

This Spanish magazine for kids, published in Spain, was written with children ages 9-11 in mind.

The focus is similar to that of NatGeoNiños, an exploration of the questions kids have about the world around them. Each issue brings creative and interesting information, a super comic, and a surprise game or puzzle.

Reportero Doc is published by Bayard, who also publishes other Spanish magazines for kids aged 0 to 7.

These publications have age-appropriate early learning and literacy activities and are a great resource for those living within their shipping range.

  • Popi for 1-3 year olds
  • Caracola for 4-6 year olds
  • Mis Primeros Leo, Leo for 6-7 year olds
  • Leo, Leo for 7-9 year olds

8. Chop, Chop

If you are looking for ways to make dinner time more of a family project, Chop, Chop could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

It is a quarterly magazine published in both English and Spanish that incorporates healthy eating and diverse, easy-to-make recipes into every page.

Since it is bilingual, you could use it with fully fluent Spanish speakers or beginning Spanish learners and everything in between.

Best Spanish Magazines for Teens

Find below the best Magazines in Spanish for teens.

9. Scholastic Classroom Magazines in Spanish

Scholastic spanish magazines

These scholastic Spanish magazines are perfect for the teenage Spanish language learner. They are divided up by language level.

Level 1: ¿Qué tal?

Level 2: Ahora.

Level 3: El Sol

Although the website says they are geared toward teens, the information and format would be engaging for older kids as well (10+). The articles touch on current events, culture, health, and beauty. Plus, a subscription includes tons of resources for language teachers including supplemental materials and complete lesson plans.

10. Spanish Magazine

is the oldest Spanish magazine for kids for teens on the market. The magazine talks about everything teenagers love: fashion, celebrities, psychology, astrology, you name it, it’s there.

has articles available on their website for free or you can subscribe to receive a printed copy. 

Although most articles are short and easy to read, this would be a little difficult for true beginners but a great fit for intermediate Spanish speakers and above.

11. Las Latinitas

Latinitas Spanish Magazine for teens

This is a bilingual, online Spanish magazine focused on Latina girls and women and the challenges they face. The Latinitas magazine exists to tell stories of real Latina women, that aren’t told nearly enough, and to unite Latina women around their shared experiences.

If you are the parent of a Latina who would like to see her story represented in media, this is the perfect magazine for her.

Or if your teenager is interested in more serious, real-life stories, instead of the light, fun articles you find in magazines like , the bilingual nature of this online magazine makes it accessible to beginning language learners and beyond.

12. Motivos

Motivos bilingual magazine spanish

Motivos is a bilingual Spanish and English magazine for teens and adults. Each issue is divided into four sections:

  • Cultural Expressions – an explanation of culture language and Latino identity
  • La Vida – addresses important life issues
  • College Prep – resources, scholarships, advice, and tips for those who are preparing to go to college
  • Career Exploration – inspiration and motivation from career professionals

You can find some articles available for free on the website or you can purchase a subscription to receive this magazine quarterly.

13. People en Español 

People en Español has a wide variety of articles available for free on their website, with topics ranging from celebrities and horoscopes to beauty and recipes.

However, if you prefer a subscription so you don’t have to choose between the hundreds of articles available online, this one is pretty affordable.

You can purchase a digital Spanish magazine subscription or choose to receive a hard copy.

This magazine is a good fit for native speakers and advanced Spanish speakers. Since it is written primarily for teens and adults, some of the articles may be a little too difficult for beginners and intermediate Spanish speakers.

14. Luna Teen

Luna Teen is a free, online Spanish magazine for teens. They cover news, cinema, beauty, gaming, and more.

This Argentine magazine’s articles are full of images, videos, and short text making it appropriate for intermediate Spanish speakers and above.

15. Smash

If your teen is a comic book and superhero fan, the Smash online Spanish magazine for teens may be the perfect fit.

Although it appears that their magazines are only shipped within Mexico, you can find a plethora of articles about your teen’s favorite superheroes in Spanish on their website.

Spanish Magazines are great Language Learning Tools

If you want to help your language learner improve their Spanish skills, a Spanish magazine for kids and teens can be a great tool.

With all the available options, there should be something that fits every age group or interest. The interactive games, quizzes, and engaging content make magazines a great way to make reading and learning in Spanish fun.

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Spanish Magazines for Kids & Teens

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