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Authentic Spanish Children’s Books Your Family Will Love

Original Authentic Spanish Children's Books

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Spanish Children’s Books

A list of Authentic Spanish children’s book written by native Spanish speaking authors.

Do you read to your child every day? If you don’t, you should! Research has found that reading is one of the most important predictors of academic success for children. And if you are raising bilingual kids in Spanish and English, authentic Spanish children’s books are must haves in your home.

Reading is one of the best things you can do for your children, and great books are more important than the school they attend, their socio/economic background, and even the behavior and socialization they exhibit upon entering school.

Why Authentic Spanish Children’s Books?

Finding Spanish translations of books written in English is easy enough. In fact, you can find a long list of fantastic Spanish books for kids here.

However, it’s important to expose your children to books written originally in Spanish, by Hispanic writers, will expose them to authentic language and culture.

With this in mind, I am sharing some of my favorite authentic children’s books in Spanish!  

Note that although many of the books in our authentic Spanish Children’s book list can be found on Amazon and other book stores, some of the books are exclusive to Books del Sur which is dedicated to curating and promoting authentic books by Latin American Authors.

You can find some wonderful gems here that you may not here about anywhere else!

Authentic Spanish Children’s Books: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Original Spanish children’s books for younger years.

1. Gilda, la oveja gigante

Gilda Spanish children's book

Written by Emilio Urberuaga, this sweet authentic Spanish story book follows the tale of Gilda, a giant sheep who must escape to the city. But, will she find a place where she can feel like she belongs? This tale teaches about being different and finding your place in the world.
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2. Mamá, ¿Que se mueve allí adentro?

Mamá Que se mueve allí adentro

This authentic Spanish board book written by Bernadita Romero is a fun and sweet way to introduce a new baby to the home! It contains rhymes, which is not only fun, but is an important pre-reading skill!
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3. Una aventura sin fronteras

Written in coordination with Amnesty International of Chile, this sweet Spanish children’s book tells the tale of neighboring lands who learn what it means to seek and provide help, even from people who are very different. Authored by Claire Choquenet, Macarena Machin A, Marcarena Williamson M
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Authentic Spanish Children’s Books: Early Elementary

Original Spanish children’s books for early readers

4. El Condor y la Pastora

El Condor y la Pastora

This classic Chilean folktale tells the story of a condor and a young sherperdess, whose life is forever changed.
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5. Beto y Bella llegan a Chile

Beto y Bella llegan a Chile

Beto and Bella, two macaws, have traveled from the Amazon to live in Chile. Why have they left their home? How are they treated by the animals in their new home? This moving tale, written by Gary Ramos, reminds us about the importance of inclusion and acceptance.
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6. Carmen


Written by Carolina Durán, this book retells the tale of one of the world’s most famous operas, Carmen. Taking place in Sevilla, the tale of the gypsy carmen and the colorful and passionate world she inhabits. This one is for older elementary and middle school kids.
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Authentic Spanish Children’s Books: Middle School

Original children’s books in Spanish for kids who can have a good reading skills.

7. Leyendas Americanas de La Tierra

Written by Doris Zeballos, this book shares tales from the Aztecs, Mapuches, Incas, Quechuas and more, recognizing the first peoples of the Americas.
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8. Cuentos de los reinos inquietos

Cuentos de los reinos inquietos

Written by Jacqueline Balcells, this compilation focuses on stories of love, both romantic or family love, and how it changed several kingdoms.
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9. Rescate en el Jurásico

Rescate en el Jurásico

This book tells the tale of how Bartólome, a museum paleontologist must rescue his beloved turtle from the jurasic world, where she got sent via a magical portal. This fun read by Rodrigo Cea, is sure to entertain and delight readers.
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Authentic Spanish Children’s Books: High School

Original children’s books in Spanish for older kids.

10. La casa de los espiritus

La casa de los espiritus

Probably Isabel Ayende’s most famous novel, this story narratives de lives of 3 generations of the Trueba Family. If your teen (or you) like this book, I also recommend Portrait in Sepia and Zorro, which are my personal favorites!
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11. Doña Barbara

Doña Barbara

This classic piece of Venezuelan literature is probably one of the most widely known and read books in Latin America. It tells the tale of Doña Barbara, a violent, manipulative and cunning woman from the Venezuelan plains.
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12. 100 Años de Soledad

100 Años de Soledad

This is one of my all-time favorite books! I confess I first read it in English and it wasn’t until I read the tale of the mythical town of Macondo in Spanish, that I understood Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s literary genius! Not an easy read, but this is a book that stays with you forever.
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Original Children’s Books in Spanish

Hopefully this list of authentic Spanish children’s book has inspired some reading time with you and your children. Let us know your favourite original books in Spanish! If you are a Spanish/English speaking family, make sure to join our Community Group on Facebook.

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Authentic Spanish Children's Books

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