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12 Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

Podcasts to Learn Spanish

Podcasts for learning Spanish? It might sound a little crazy, but they’re definitely a thing! Podcasts can be an effective tool for helping people learn a language, learn about culture and even be entertained in the target language.

When I was a teenager, I remember being SO annoyed at my dad for listening to talk radio. I held the strong opinion that radios are just for listening to music! Now, however, I have discovered a new found love for all types of audio programs, including talk radio, audiobooks and of course, Spanish podcasts! It’s amazing how much you can learn while carrying out every day activities.

Car rides, laundry, cleaning house, working out (or maybe I’m the only weirdo who meanders around the gym – if I go at all – while listening to a good book or podcast) coloring and crafts are just a few of the things you can be doing while learning with audio.

Learn Spanish for Kids

Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish

12 Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

Here are a few of our favorite podcasts for learning Spanish:

1. Eat your Spanish

Eat your Spanish is a fun podcast to help learn Spanish geared towards a younger, English-speaking audience. It teaches a few Spanish words and phrases per episode using fun songs and stories. The hosts, Evan and Vanessa, are delightful and this is definitely a favorite for young kids!

2. Yo Hablo Tu Hablas

This Spanish podcast is geared towards Beginner/intermediate Spanish speakers (B1 it says on the description) and it’s a listening activity. It’s spoken in slow Spanish and you can find the transcript and activities to follow along in the blog.

3. Storytime for Kids with Piwi and Oli

This is a great podcast for learning Spanish. It is perfect for young kids with intermediate to advanced Spanish. Short stories and conversations for kids, read and spoken in slow Spanish. Talk about letters, letter sounds, colors, and other preschool and kindergarten topics!

4. Spanish Stories for Kids

Great bedtime stories for young listeners (and older people learning Spanish!). The stories do require an intermediate to advanced understanding of Spanish, but the pacing of the speech is great for learners. They also review vocabulary at the end each episode.

5. ¡Hola! Spanish for Kids

This cute podcast is narrated by three 5th graders who teach basic Spanish to other kids! It’s a pretty new Spanish podcast, but I hope it keeps going! It’s great for kids just beginning to get their feet wet in Spanish.

6. News in Slow Spanish

Current events from around the world that is delivered in “obviously” slow Latin American or European Spanish. The pacing and available transcripts make it a wonderful resource for intermediate Spanish-learners! However, you can choose beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

7. Tres Cuentos Bilingual Podcast

This is a great cultural podcast focusing on stories and authors of Latin American. It’s available in both English and Spanish, and also has transcripts that go along with each episode. It’s great for advanced Spanish speakers or English speakers wanting to learn about Latin American culture.

8. Cuentos de la luz de la luna

This podcast for learning Spanish features classis stories and fairy tales at an intermediate to advanced level Spanish. It’s great for school-aged kids who speak Spanish or adults learning and expanding their knowledge of the language.

9. Discover Spanish

This podcast is actually part of a language-learning system that you can purchase. This podcast, however, is free and you can use it on its own as an additional learning tool, or you can use it in conjunction with the program. It’s a good way to check it out and see if the program would work for you. It’s for older students or adults, as it might be a little bland for a younger audience.  

10. Simple Stories in Spanish

Produced by Small Town Spanish Teacher, Simple Stories is a podcast that tells stories from Latin America that are easy to understand for Spanish language learners. It is read slowly by a non-native, but very advanced Spanish teacher. It’s fantastic for intermediate speakers!

11. ¿Me lees un cuento?

This podcast is completely in Spanish! It focuses on retelling stories, books, and movies for young Spanish speakers. If you are looking for additional authentic language input for your young Spanish speaker, this is a wonderful podcast that will entertain and delight your little ones.

12. Duolingo Podcast

Duolingo has a series of podcasts, including one in Spanish for English speakers. The podcast is in English, with Spanish Speakers telling their stories. So, listeners will hear both, authentic Spanish language, and explanations and additional information in English. It’s great for intermediate speakers. Some of the content may not be appropriate for kids, but with a little curating on your part, it’s a great additional tool for kids, teens and adults learning Spanish!

Podcasts For Learning Spanish

Listening to podcasts is a great way to have additional target language input, even on the go! Do you have any favorite podcasts for learning Spanish? Is it one from the list or do you have additional Spanish podcasts you recommend? Leave us a comment!

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Author: Keli Garcia Allen is a Spanish teacher and currently works as a Preschool teacher in a bilingual classroom. She is the Head of Content for Learn Safari and is currently working on Spanish Safari, an app to help children kids 3-9 years old learn, practice and love Spanish. You can follow her and the rest of the team on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

12 Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish

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