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How to Teach French at Home or at School

Teach Kids French online

Last Updated on June 22, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

If you followed our Learn French for Kids series , this post includes tips on how to start teaching kids French at home or at school using the 4 point approach.

How do you BEGIN teaching kids French at home or in school?

As a French tutor, mother to bilingual kids and Bilingual Kidspot contributor, I have a decade of experience teaching young children French.

I have an extensive database of French resources and hundreds of kids’ French lesson plans for my online and in-person Mini Languages classes for age 0 to 9.

HOWEVER, this has taken a long time to develop and finesse.

The big question: Where do you start when you are at the beginning of your journey teaching kids French at home or at school?

I have had lots of teachers reach out to me in the last year and I have been thinking how best to help.

Today I want to share the 4-point approach I use for teaching kids French. It is based on up-to-date thinking and I wish I had been given it 10 years ago! This works for ANY AGE but is great for early-years and primary school French.

The 4-point approach I use for teaching kids French

  1. Form a habit with ‘cues’ – Learning a language requires repetition so making French time a HABIT will have much better results! Furthermore, habits are easier to form when there is a CUE (like printed reminders, posters, charts or labels). So, display language cues to make the learning more effective. The key is making it work for you.

    Ideas include: use a French weather chart over breakfast or on arrival to class, post-lunch grab some pre-prepped flashcards from your resource basket, or have ‘French Fridays’ when you start the day with a good quality video.
  1. Teach useful French – When choosing a topic make sure it is fun and engaging but will also provide USEFUL vocabulary. What subject areas would I use in a conversation with a speaker of that language?

    For example: should I teach French colours on their own OR can I also incorporate how to describe an object using colours… Also, ensure to learn VERBS and EXPRESSIONS and not just lists of nouns.
  1. Use musical resources – All language learners can benefit from learning through music – even adults! Words set to music are proven to be easier to recall. Rhythm and rhyme should play a big part in language learning in the early-years.

    Ideas: learn traditional French nursery rhymes which link to your chosen topic.
  1. Quality resources, in one place – Scouring the internet for resources can be time consuming. Pinterest rabbit hole anyone? Even then there is no guarantee that they are high quality and error free!

    My advice: choose a place to pin, bookmark or save your favourite kids French resources when you find them. Keep them all in one place for easy reference. In the class or at school, have a basket or folder for your physical or laminated resources. Make it as easy as possible to make it sustainable… did I mention HABITS?!

My Final TOP TIP…

If this all sounds like a good approach, then I have one final, amazing tip for you…

Head to Mini Languages and try my online kids’ French platform where you have everything you need to teach French at home or school!

Mini Ville Platform Teach Kids French
  • Build French into your routine easily and see your child’s French level grow rapidly
  • Make French a game by exploring an interactive “Mini Ville” roadmap with engaging videos that kids aged 2 to 9 love
  • Access 100s of high quality, zero-prep resources including learning cues like weather charts, object labels and mini, themed flashcards
  • Access a growing database of Lesson Packs with pronunciation videos to ensure you are saying it right
  • Enjoy a series of recorded Music & Movement sessions plus mp3 downloads and song-words
  • All in one place!

The Bilingual Kidspot 30% Off Deal

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It is already priced very competitively so this is amazing value for families who need support in learning French at this crucial age.

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Feedback from parents and tutors

“We really like Mini Ville! My 3-year-old keeps asking to do “languages”! We have really broadened our vocabulary & grasp of the language as a family.” Family with children aged 3, 5 and 9

“Mini Languages is fabulous! The online resources are brilliant and French speaking has become an integral part of our family life.” Family with children aged 4 and 8

“Wow! Just wow! This has saved me so much prep time!” Primary School Teacher

To start learning French with your child today, simply click this link and use code Kidspot30 to secure 30% off a Membership. Cancel any time via your account page.

Teach Kids French

Hopefully this post, and the rest of the Learn French for Kids series has given you some great tips on how to teach your kids French. Good luck!

Teach Kids French at Home or School

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