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Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

Best apps to learn english for kids

Last Updated on August 16, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Best Apps to Learn English for Kids

Looking for the best language apps for learn English for kids? We have put together a selection of English apps for kids which are aimed at teaching and improving your child’s language skills. Whether your child is bilingual or learning ESL, there is a range of English apps for all levels.

Benefits of Language Apps for Kids

Much to the dismay of many parents worldwide, the length of screen time has skyrocketed thanks to the circumstances around the world. We need to get used to the idea, that technology is here to stay.

There are actually proven benefits for using apps for kids. Among the benefits is the 24-hour availability, affordability, versatility, interactivity, dynamic learning, personalized content, keeping track of progress easily, enjoyability, and valuable utilizing of free times.

And the kids? They become tech-savvy, they can learn anytime and from the comfort of anywhere, they can study at their own pace, and they can take part in discussions, network with others, and garner support from their friends and family.

18 Apps to Teach Kids English

Though these English apps below are designed by developers for certain age ranges, we categorized them according to ease of use for pre-schoolers, young children, and older children, as well as putting them in order roughly based on the user’s English knowledge.

So, a 10-year-old child who has never had previous exposure to English can begin with the first app on the list, and continuously move on down the list. While a 5-year-old child who can speak English fluently can begin with Accomplish Reading for example, to enhance his/her reading skills and comprehension.

English Apps for Kids – Preschool (2-5 years old)

A list of English apps for young kids learning English. A great introduction.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet English app for kids

The free version of this English learning app for kids consists of seven charming interactive word puzzles. Each talking letter makes the letter sound as the child pulls it to its proper spot in the puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, a short animation of the definition of the word plays. For a one-time fee, you get access to the rest of the words. What’s great about this app is that children can use it at their own pace, and there are no scores, so no frustrations.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Gus on the Go


Easy, adorable, and visually fun, preschoolers will enjoy learning their numbers, shapes, colors, and more in English. The different kid-friendly categories include animals, transportation, food, and clothes. For 3.99 USD, parents can rest easy knowing the app does not contain in-app purchases, ads, links, sharing, or tracking.

Get it here: Google Play App Store

Bibo Speak English

Bibo english app for kids

Bibo Speak English App makes learning English fun and constantly engaging with its visually interactive lessons about different topics. Recommended for children younger than 12 years old, the app is very easy for even preschoolers to use without the aid of their parents or caregivers. The app also encourages kids to speak and enunciate, and in language-learning, there’s no better way to learn than actually speaking the language.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store


Lingo Kids app to learn English

Your preschooler will develop their English literacy skills, while also practicing their fine-motor skills, creativity, critical thinking, and communication using this delightful, interactive English learning app for kids. The basic version is free, while the monthly subscription will allow for unlimited access to hundreds of games, songs, activities, stories, and a parent discussion forum.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Studycat: Learn English for Kids

Study Cat App to learn English for kids

Unique to the Study Cat app is the pronunciation exercises that encourage and help kids to practice their speaking skills. Lessons are themed, which also feature original music and entertaining animations. While there’s a 30-day trial for parents to try before deciding to do the full, paid version, the free version offers enough lessons for kids to start their journey right away.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Timmy’s Learning New Skills

Timmy's Learning New Skills English App

Designed by the British Council, this hassle-free, kid-safe, no-advert, free English learning app boosts your child’s language, hand-eye coordination, and memory, all while expanding their vocabulary and learning English in three interactive and challenging games. The app belongs to a series of Timmy’s Learning apps and a YouTube series as a companion to your child’s English language learning journey.

Get it Here: Google Play or App Store

Best English Apps for Young Kids (6-10 years old)

A list of English apps for young kids learning to speak, read and write in English.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach your monstor to read app

Watch your children learn phonics and reading English through play, as they create cute, little monsters that traverse through three different, magical games. This English learning app is perfect for early readers, and kids will continue to enhance and build on their English skills for a one-time fee. There are absolutely no in-app purchases, in-game ads, or hidden costs.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Reading Eggs

reading eggs english learning app

With a monthly subscription of Reading Eggs, kids gain full access to guided reading lessons, phonics activities, word puzzles, nursery rhymes, spelling games, and more. The app to help kids learn to read in English takes children from the age of 2 until 13 on a learning journey based on recent principles on the most constructive methods that children learn to read. Read this ABC reading eggs review for more info.

Get it Here: Google Play or App Store

Monkey Jr.

Monkey Junior App

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

By combining sight, sound, and touch along with a comprehensive range of topics, over 48,000 images, and 16,000 interactive videos, Monkey Jr. takes learning English for kids to the next level. This English learning app helps Children to expand their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and form sentences during lessons that last around ten minutes. There is no prep work for parents, nor do they need to supervise as Monkey Jr. features no ads, pop-ups, or links to other sites.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids app

Created by expert early learning educators, Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere. With a wide array of robust educational games, songs, books, and interactive activities in reading and literacy, language, and even math, parents can personalize their kids’ learning experience.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

FunEasyLearn – Learn Languages

Funeasylearn English app for kids

Designed specifically for language learning, this English app offers innovative strategies for memorizing English phrases and words effortlessly by playing enjoyable games. With over 5000 useful phrases developed with native translators and linguistic research, your child will be conversing in English in no time! The app covers speaking, listening, writing, and reading, so your child is well on its way to becoming an English speaker.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Accomplish Reading

Accomplish reading english app

Accomplish Reading is an excellent app for young children to use to improve English comprehension and build upon the knowledge they already have of the English language. The six-part English learning app for kids aids young readers to focus on details, understand sentences, and develop reading strategies. Last, but not least, kids will grow to love reading.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Best English Apps for Older Kids (10+)

A list of English apps for older kids learning English. Some for those who have had an introduction to English already but also some for beginner learners too


Beelinguapp for kids

Beelinguapp Languages is perfect for experienced readers to learn new vocabulary, hone in on their listening skills, and read interesting passages in English. This English learning app offers a read-at-your-own-pace with the stories side-by-side in the child’s native language and the language they’re learning. Older kids will appreciate the different way of learning English, especially those who don’t prefer memorization, flashcards, or games.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store


Lingodeer app to learn English

A great tool for self-learners, Lingodeer teaches fluency, reading, and writing in various languages including English, even languages that have a unique alphabet system such as Japanese and Korean. Students can rely on the app to provide a structured and clear curriculum from beginner to intermediate levels using flashcards, quizzes, games, recordings, exercises. And with the ability to track their progress, kids will be motivated to excel.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store


Duolingo English learning app

With lessons as short as 5 minutes a day, Duolingo’s science-based teaching methodology has been proven to promote long-term retention. Learn English through playful drills, while building on reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. The langauge learning app also offers opportunities for kids to compete with other learners around the world. Extremely user-friendly, downright effective, and best of all, free! There’s no doubt why Duolingo’s one of the world’s most popular language apps.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

LearnEnglish Grammar

Learn English Grammar App

This free English learning app focuses specifically on grammar suitable for all levels of learners. There are English lessons, games, and tests about prepositions, question tags, simple present and gerunds, imperatives, modal verbs of obligation and necessity, among others. There’s both a UK and a US version of this app, which is perfect for reinforcing usage, pronunciation, and spelling.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

LearnEnglish Podcasts

Learn English Podcast App

This language learning app has been done exceptionally well and with raving reviews from learners worldwide, LearnEnglish Podcasts feature downloadable (for offline use) and interactive audio scripts that allow users to easily repeat difficult phrases and new vocabulary words. Background playing, pitch control, and instantaneous feedback using simple exercises and progress-tracking make this app worth the money. Oh wait, it’s free!

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

Hello Talk

Hello Talk English App

Easily the most unique and unlike any of the aforementioned English learning apps for kids, Hello Talk connects learners to native speakers, making its methodology based on communication rather than curriculum. During this process of conversing with real people, learners not only learn a language, but they also become immersed in the culture as they strengthen their grammar, intonation, pronunciation, and conversing skills.

Get it here: Google Play or App Store

English Apps for Kids

Hopefully out of this list of English apps for kids you can find some English learning apps that your kids will love! Let us know if your favourite isn’t listed and we can check it out! For general language learning apps in multi language check out our Language Apps post.

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