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The Ultimate Chinese Reading Pen: Youdao Dictionary Pen II Review

Chinese Reading Pen for Kids

Last Updated on March 4, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

Youdao Dictionary Pen Review

Learn to read Chinese with the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen. This portable reading pen and translation device is perfect for bilingual kids and parents who need help translating simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English. Think of google translate, but in a clever portable pen and added functionality.

Use the Youdao Dictionary Pen to assist with reading, whether it be a book, a magazine, or a school newsletter. It is so small you can bring it everywhere you go and just get it out when you need it.

Here you can find our review of the Youdao dictionary Reading Pen which is great for bilingual families or for parents and kids learning Chinese.

Find below:

  • What is the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen?
  • What content does the Youdao Dictionary Pen Read?
  • Who can use the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen?
  • Features of the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen
  • Where can I purchase the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen?

What is the Youdao Dictionary Pen?

Youdau Dictionary Pen Chinese - English

The Youdao Dictionary pen is a portable reading pen which scans and translates words and sentences in Chinese and English.

Simply scan a word or sentence and it will translate between English and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified).

If you then tap the screen, you can also get the definitions too.

With other similar tools such as google translate, you need to get out your phone or log onto your computer, then you need to type in the words or phrases which takes time and can easily distract you from what you were doing by enticing you to just check your email or social media once while you are on…we all know how that story ends.

It is so much easier to just scan with the Youdao Dictionary pen, which takes seconds, and you have your translation right there.

Being portable, you can bring this clever reading pen wherever you go.

What content does the Youdao Dictionary Pen read?

The Youdao Dictionary Pen can read most standard fonts as long as they are under 1.2cm in height and scanned left to right or, for vertical text, top to bottom.

It can read text in Chinese kids’ books, typed documents, magazines, newspapers, schoolbooks, newsletters, etc. which is super handy.

It can even read from digital screens or neatly handwritten notes.

Youdau Dictionary Pen Chinese to English Translations

Who can use the Youdao Dictionary Pen?

The great thing about the Youdao Dictionary Reading Pen is that almost anyone can use it.

It is the perfect tool for bilingual kids who are learning to read in English or Chinese. If they are reading a book and come across a word or phrase they are not sure of, just scan and get the translation and definition.  It is also very helpful with school and homework tasks too.

For parents, it is a fantastic translator on the go. Whether you are reading book yourself, instructions for something you have bought, or you need to translate a school newsletter.

It is targeted for those learning to read in Chinese or English, so it is probably not going to be useful for those who are fluent in both English and Chinese already, unless only wanting to use it as a dictionary.

As with any new technology, it does take a few practice tries to get used to scanning accurately, but once you get it, it will become something you won’t want to live without.

Chinese Reading Pen for Kids

Features of the Youdao Dictionary Pen

  • Portable translation device: Portable device that can translate words, sentences and paragraphs in English and Chinese. (Traditional and Simplified).
  • Automatic language identification: The Youdao Dictionary Pen can identify the language you scan.
  • Fast translation: Instant translations, recognising up to 15 characters per second (5 times faster than if you were to use an electronic dictionary)
  • 2 way translations: It is great for Chinese speakers to translate to English, but also English speakers to translate to Chinese.
  • Pronunciation by native speakers: Helps improve speaking and comprehension with a real native speakers’ voices.
  • Highly accurate: Up to 98% accurate if used correctly. It may take a few tries to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is really simple.
  • User friendly: Comfortable to hold and quite simple to use.
  • Use with either hand: Works for both left and right-handed individuals.
  • Compact: The reading pen is so compact you can fit it in a small handbag.
  • Works offline: The Youdao reading pen can be taken anywhere and can translate without internet connection.
Youdau Dictionary Pen Package

Where can I purchase the Youdao Dictionary Pen?

You can purchase the Youdao Dictionary Pen from JoJo Learning, a U.S.-based company which provides tools, books, and other resources for families raising bilingual children. See WEBSITE HERE for more information. Use the code KIDSPOT to get $5 off the sales price.

The pen is also available on Amazon in the U.S., Lazada and Elite Linguistic in Singapore.

If you are interested, you can also learn more about the pen and Youdao’s other products by following them on social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

Have kids learning Chinese? Check out our Learn Chinese for Kids series with lots of free activities and printable materials. Join our Facebook Community Group for families teaching kids Chinese.

Youdao Chinese Reading Pen & Dictionary

*The Youdao Dictionary Pen is a fantastic resource, and Bilingual Kidspot recommends this product if you are learning Chinese. This post was written in partnership with JoJo Learning and contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

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