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List of Homeschool Spanish Curriculum & Resources

List of Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

Last Updated on November 6, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Looking for a Homeschool curriculum in Spanish? Below you can find a list of Spanish Homeschool Curriculum that you can follow at home with your kids. You will see that we have included some Free Spanish homeschool curriculum as well as some paid options.  There is also lots of other resources for families who are homeschooling as well.

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Find below the following:

  • Preschool homeschool Spanish curriculum
  • Elementary homeschool Spanish curriculum
  • Senior homeschool Spanish curriculum
  • Other Spanish Homeschool resources

We continue to update this list so if you have another Homeschool Curriculum in Spanish to recommend please contact us to let us know!

List of Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

Preschool Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum in Spanish for preschool and kindergarten kids:

1. Whistlefritz

Whistlefritz offer a fantastic immersive homeschool curriculum in Spanish for preschoolers. The 40 Spanish lesson plans are filled with lots of fun interactive worksheets and activities for kids which include real life learning such as following recipes, and conducting experiments.

In addition to language learning the Spanish curriculum also includes maths, science and physical education. The pack also includes immersive videos that we have reviewed HERE.
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2. Monarca Language

Monarca Language is a website offering a stimulating Spanish Homeschool curriculum for preschool and kindergarten children. There are lots of worksheets, coloring pages, games and activities that are aimed at increasing kids fluency in Spanish.

It is a seasonally based Spanish curriculum with lots of ready to use materials with instructions for parents and teachers.
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Elementary Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum in Spanish for elementary school kids:

3. Calico Spanish

This Spanish homeschool curriculum teaches kids Spanish through engaging stories, play, and songs. Calico Spanish provide a step by step pathway where children learn Spanish in context from the very beginning.

They have with everything you need from printable posters, to daily preparation. The online materials are ready to use any time. For homeschool families where the parents don’t speak Spanish, it is a great way to learn along with your kids. There is also a free trial to see if it is a right fit.
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4. Bilingual Kidspot

If you are looking for a free Spanish homeschool curriculum, the online mini series Spanish for Kids on Bilingual Kidspot is a great start. You can find a starter kit with lots of free printables and posters to use at home.

Then there are 6 lesson plans on various subjects to help kids not only learn new vocabulary, but also grammar as well. The main page includes a tone of Spanish resources for homeschooling families and teachers.
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5. Risas y Sonrisas

Kids will be excited to learn Spanish with this online homeschool Spanish curriculum complete with a range or lesson plans from beginner to advanced levels.

Homeschooling families will love the printable and digital materials which have a variety of games, music, and activities which focus on natural and practical conversation.
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Senior Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum in Spanish for middle and high school kids:

6. Spanish Academy

Spanish Academy offer a fantastic homeschool Spanish curriculum not only aimed to expanding students vocabulary and mastering their Spanish grammar but also how to apply their knowledge through conversations in every day real life.

The program also satisfies the high school foreign language requirement for college admissions.
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7. Nobis Spacem

If you are a bilingual homeschooling family and are looking for a complete homeschool curriculum in Spanish, Nobis Spacem is perfect. It not only covers Spanish learning, but a range of subjects including Math, Science, Art, Writing, History and more.

Following the Charlotte Mason method of Homeschooling, this Spanish homeschool curriculum aims to have children learn naturally from their home environment using real life examples, and being taught discipline. Their mission is to have children retain information rather than just memorise.

Although a little pricier than other options, it is a fantastic option.
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More Spanish Homeschool Resources

For Spanish homeschooling families, you can find below some more Spanish resources for kids:

If you are a bilingual family, make sure to join our Facebook community Groups. They are a fantastic resource for families looking for support, to share your journey with others or to find fun Spanish resources for kids.

Homeschool Curriculum in Spanish

Know anymore Spanish homeschool curriculum to recommend or that you would like us to review? Please contact us and we can take a look!

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum for all ages

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