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Leapfrog 100 Words Bilingual Book English-Chinese

Leapfrog 100 words book English & Chinese

Last Updated on November 24, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Leapfrog 100 Words Bilingual Book English-Chinese

Leapfrog makes learning easy for little bilinguals with their fun and interactive 100 Words Book in English and Chinese. Kids will be immersed in both languages learning their first 100 words with this fun and interactive learning book.

The activity guide provides parents with hands on activities and teaching tips too. If you have a child learning English and Chinese, the Leapfrog 100 Words book makes the perfect gift idea for bilingual kids.

Leapfrog 100 Words Book & Activity Guide

Leapfrog products have been a family favourite in our household for years because of the educational and innovative products they offer for children including bilingual products.

We were excited to hear about and get to try their new 100 words book in English and Chinese which is a touch and learn book for kids from 12 months up.

The Leapfrog Interactive bilingual book for kids introduces children to their first 100 words in both English AND Chinese simultaneously.

Kids can learn colours, animals, food, body parts and more. Just press on the page and listen to the words spoken by a native speaker.

Change the language from English to Chinese and repeat the words in either language.

What we love about the Leapfrog 100 Words English-Chinese Book?

  • Touch and Learn
  • 3 Learning Modes
  • 12 Learning Categories
  • 2 languages

Touch and Learn

The Leapfrog 100 Words Book is so simple to use for toddlers and young kids. Just turn the page and touch the items to listen to the words. Switch the language to hear the translation.

3 Learning Modes

The first mode is learning and hearing vocabulary. Just touch the page to hear what the object is called. It may be an animal or body part, a colour, or food.

The second mode is learning facts about the object. For example on the animals page “This bear is brown grrrr”, or  on the colours page “Blue like the sky”.

The third mode is sounds. On the Mealtime page if you press the bottle, you hear a baby cry, or on the Pets page if you press the animal you hear the sound they make.

Leapfrog 100 words book inside

12 Learning Categories

There are 100 words for kids to learn in 12 categories including: Pets, Animals, Fruits, Food, Mealtime, Clothes, Colours, My Body, Activities, Outside, Vehicles, Opposites. The book gives a broad introduction to the first words for kids.

Bilingual Play

The Leapfrog 100 words book can change between the 2 languages on any page. Kids can be either be immersed in bilingual play, or for families with a Chinese and an English speaking parent, each parent can use the book in their native language.

With Chinese being one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is fast becoming a popular language to learn for English speakers.

Activity Guide

Included with the book is a 32 page Learning Activity Guide which provides parents with hands on activities and teaching tips to get the most out of this bilingual book for kids.

Benefits of learning a second language

Speaking a second language has numerous benefits, not just for the social aspect but also on the brain. For example, according to various research, kids who are learning two languages at once are able to multi-task and have better problem-solving skills than kids who only speak one.

Learning a second language while young is so much easier than learning as an adult. The critical period for languages is before 7 years old. This is when children are able to distinguish better between sounds and therefore, they are able to imitate and pronounce them more easily.

The Leapfrog 100 Words Book can be used from about 12 months old onwards, so it is the perfect age to get kids learning young. However, it is also great for older children up to 5 years or more.

Leapfrog Giveaway

Bilingual Kidspot has teamed up with Leapfrog to give away 5 x 100 words book in English & Chinese!

To be in the draw simply fill out the form below. Make sure that you confirm your email address, or add info@bilingualkidspot.com to your safelist so it doesn’t go to spam, as we will need to contact the winner via email


Entry is only open to entrants 18 years of age and over who are residents of Australia. Entry closes on November 30th 2020 11.59pm AEST. Winners will be notified by email. There will be 5 winners. Each prize value $39.95. Prize will be distributed by Leapfrog. The prize is not transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. If the winner decides not to take the prize, it will be forfeited. Bilingual Kidspot has the right to alter the terms of the competition at its discretion, throughout the duration of the giveaway By entering this giveaway you agree to receive emails from Bilingual Kidspot. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Fantastic Learning Tool for Young Kids

The Leapfrog 100 Words book English-Chinese is a fantastic learning tool for young children. Not only will little ones learn a broad range of vocabulary in English, they will learn a second language too.

For more information visit their website here.

Leapfrog Bilingual Book English Chinese

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