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Chinese Interactive Learning Books with Audio Pen from Language Monkey

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My first Bilingual Encyclopedia in English & Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese / Pinyin)

A review of the Language Monkey interactive bilingual books with audio pen. Includes children’s bilingual books in English and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) along with Pinyin, to help them learn a second language.

Bilingual Books That Talk!

Finding great quality resources for bilingual kids sometimes be a challenge, so I am always excited when I come across a fun new product. If you have a child learning English and Chinese you are going to love the new bilingual books from Language Monkey.

Most kids will own board books from when they are young to help learn to count, say their abc’s, learn the parts of the body, foods, opposites etc.

Many will be separate books, and if you are raising bilingual kids, you will need these types of books in both languages in order to keep up the language exposure. That’s a LOT of books!

Language Monkey’s “My First Bilingual Encyclopedia” is a fantastic solution providing children with loads of vocabulary in both languages in one place.

These bilingual books are the perfect way to introduce both English and Chinese from a young age. They help to teach kids English and Chinese vocabulary on a range of different subjects in both Mandarin and Cantonese with the help of an audio pen which provides the audio by a native speaker to help with pronunciation.

Why we love these Bilingual Books from Language Monkey?

Being one of the top viewed websites for parents raising bilingual kids, we are regularly sent samples of new products with requests for a review on the website. However, we only share with you those that we love and believe in. And we love Language Monkey for many reasons.

Creates Independent Learning for Kids

These bilingual books in Chinese and English create independent language learning for kids, without the need for parental support. Children can easily and independently use their audio pen by tapping on the words, pictures, icons or anywhere on the page to learn vocabulary and listen to music. naturally want to repeat what they hear, absorbing Chinese in a fun and playful way.

bilingual books english chinese audio
Language Monkey – Creates Independent Learning

Wide Variety of Content

These two bilingual books are jam packed with a huge amount of content on a variety of subjects. There are 24 categories, and 48 pages of learning with over 500 words! Includes numbers, colors, body parts, foods, and much more. The content is engaging connecting words with images and sound, so it gets kids to think.

Teach Kids Chinese - Language Monkey
Teach Kids Mandarin

Includes Mandarin AND Cantonese

These books are actually trilingual – Cantonese, Mandarin and English. It is very hard to get Cantonese language resources, let alone Mandarin! You can also find Pinyin too which is quite useful for beginner learners.

Premium Quality

The quality of the physical books is premium, durable board book pages and cover, with vibrant colours perfect for young kids. The audio pen is in the form of a monkey, made out of plastic, very simple but practical.

Who can use Language Monkey Bilingual Books?

Language Monkey recommend their bilingual books for children 1-6 years old. If you are raising your kids in English and Chinese this is probably the age range that they will appeal to. However, if you have older kids who are learning Chinese, the books are a fantastic way to get them started. My kids are 6 and 8 years old and both engage in the books learning new words regularly. You can see them in action here on our INSTAGRAM stories.

Where can I buy Language Monkey Bilingual Books?

The Language Monkey Bilingual Books with Audio Pen make a great gift for bilingual kids learning English and Chinese. They are constantly working on expanding their product line and languages, so make sure to check out their Facebook Page and Website for updates.

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Bilingual Books that Talk! English & Chinese

*This post was written in collaboration with Language Monkey. All opinions are our own and we fully recommend these products!

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