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12 Spanish Learning Books for Kids & Teens

Spanish Learning Books for Kids to Learn Spanish

Spanish Learning Books for Kids to Learn Spanish

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

A list of Spanish Learning Books for Kids for all ages from Preschool, to Middle School. This list includes the best books for learning Spanish geared to all ages including children learning Spanish as a second language, and young native Spanish speakers. You can also find some children’s books to learn Spanish.

Spanish Learning Books for Kids

Teaching your children a second language is always a win-win decision. Not only are you giving them a professional advantage for the future, but you are also enriching their brains.

However, teaching kids a second language can feel dauting, especially if you don’t speak the language yourself.

These Spanish learning books for kids present Spanish vocabulary, words and phrases in a clear, concise way so that you and your children have the tools you need to begin learning Spanish today.  

Below you can find the following ages to make it easier:

  • Spanish Learning Books for Kids  (Preschoolers)
  • Spanish Learning Books for Kids (Elementary School)
  • Spanish Learning Books for Kids (Middle / High School)
Spanish Learning Books for Kids

Spanish Learning Books for Kids (Preschoolers)

At the preschool stage, your child is still rapidly acquiring new words and phrases each day. Introducing him or her to a second language will not feel like extra work for your child. He or she will begin acquiring these new words just like in the first language, seemingly effortlessly. Here is a list of Spanish learning books for preschool.

1. Wipe Clean: First 100 Words Bilingual

With this book your child can practice handwriting as well as learning some new Spanish words. By using a dry erase marker or washable marker you can wipe the book clean and use it again and again. It is a great children’s book to learn Spanish from a young age.
Age: 3-6 years, Preschool-2nd grade
Find online HERE

2. English-Spanish Everything for Early Learning, Preschool

This early Spanish learning workbook offers activities on one side in English and then in Spanish on the other side. Children can learn or practice a concept in their first language and then reinforce the same concept by adding on the Spanish language. It is a great tool to reinforce early learning concepts while teaching your child a second language.
Ages: PreK-1st grade
Find online HERE

3. Complete Book of Starter Spanish Workbook for Kids

This Spanish learning book is packed full of fun, age-appropriate Spanish for your young child. The book covers colors, numbers, days of the week, seasons and other essential Spanish words and phrases. The bright, colorful images make the book engaging and exciting for kids while the easy to follow directions keep it accessible and easy to use for parents.
Ages: PreK-1st grade
Find online HERE

Spanish Learning Books for Kids (Elementary Age)

Here you can find a list of Spanish learning books for kids who have just started school and are learning to read and write.

4. My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level A: 25 Reproducible Mini-Books in English and Spanish

Learning to read is such an exciting and fundamental time in your child’s life. Why not up the excitement and teach reading bilingually? These bilingual little readers are the perfect tool to increase your child’s confidence reading in both languages. If you are worried that learning to read in Spanish at the same time as English might be confusing, fear not. The process of learning to read is the same, regardless of the language. Spanish is a phonetic language, meaning that the words are almost always pronounced as they are spelled, no funky rules and exceptions like you find in English.
Ages: Kindergarten-1st grade
Find online HERE

5. Spanish for Kids: 10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and English

These simple Spanish readers help build kids confidence in reading while learning Spanish at the same time. This kit includes online audio so that your child can listen to a native speaker read the stories aloud to help with their pronunciation and accuracy.
Ages: 3-8 years
Find online HERE

6. Mi método de lectura

For children who already speak Spanish, this book is a great tool to help them learn to read by presenting them with sound pairs and giving children the opportunity to practice using the sound pairs in real life applications before moving on to the next. The book is written in Puerto Rican Spanish so there may be some new words for families that aren’t from Puerto Rico.
Find online HERE

7. Color & Learn Easy Spanish Phrases for Kids

For your budding artist or comic book lover, this book connects common Spanish phrases with colorable images. Although this probably isn’t the best book to use on its own to teach your child Spanish, it’s a great way to give your child the opportunity to practice phrases while having fun coloring.
Ages: 4-8 years or Kindergarten-3rd grade
Find online HERE

8. The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book: Exercises and puzzles to help you learn Español

This book is packed with puzzles and exercises to make learning Spanish fun. There are 30 themed lessons, silly Spanish phrase and fun facts.
Ages: 7-12 years
Find online HERE

Spanish Learning Books for Kids (Middle School and Older)

Once kids have mastered the reading and writing basics, these Spanish learning books for kids are great for those who are in middle school and older.

9. Merriam-Webster’s Illustrated Spanish-English Student Dictionary (Spanish and English Edition) (Spanish Edition)

This is the perfect learning dictionary for kids. It has over 40,000 translations and definitions, over 1,000 images to illustrate additional words and concepts as well as a pronunciation guide for each word.
Ages: 4th-8th grade
Find online HERE

10. 201 Spanish Phrases You Need to Know Flashcards

These flashcards will help beginning Spanish speakers be able to practice Spanish anywhere. The cards focus on the most common words and phrases and are color coded by category. The cards include a phonetic pronunciation guide.
Find online HERE

11. Vocabulario A1 español: Ejercicios de vocabulario para principiantes. Spanish for beginners

This book presents Spanish vocabulary by theme for students to learn on their own. The book includes several activities with the vocabulary as well as additional online materials and activities to reinforce learning.
Find online HERE

12. Easy Step by Step Spanish

This book presents the Spanish language in easy to follow steps. It focuses on basic grammatical structures that students need to gain fluency in a new language. The steps build on one another so that students can quickly see themselves improving.
Ages: Grades 6th-8th
Find online HERE

13. Skill Builders Spanish I Workbook

This workbook presents students with basic Spanish words and skills and then gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge with practical applications. The book uses engaging graphics and interactive activities to keep students interested.
Ages: Grades 6th-8th
Find online HERE

Other Spanish Books for Kids

Looking for Spanish books to read? Check out our book list with lots of recommendations: SPANISH BOOKS FOR KIDS

Children’s Books to Learn Spanish

These Spanish learning books for kids are great tools to help your children begin acquiring new vocabulary and phrases. However, that is just the beginning. If you want your child to become truly bilingual, he or she will need opportunities to listen and speak the language as well.

For tips on how to help your kids keep learning, check out the Bilingual Kidspot Spanish for Kids resource page where you can find more recommendations for books, movies, apps and language learning. Subscribe for related articles, follow  Bilingual Kidspot on Facebook and join our community group for Raising Bilingual Kids in Spanish

Spanish Learning Books for Kids and Students

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