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Spanish Color Songs for Kids | Songs to Learn Colors in Spanish

Spanish Color Songs for Kids

Last Updated on June 29, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish Color Songs for Kids | Songs to Learn Colors in Spanish

Fun Spanish color songs to sing along to with your kids. This list of color songs in Spanish will help your kids learn to name the colors in no time.

Learning the Colors in Spanish

When introducing Spanish to a child, it is very common to start by the Colors as it is vocabulary used commonly in every day life.

Find below a visual of all the Spanish colors which can be found in our FREE online lesson with lots of fun activities and free printable materials.

The most common Spanish color songs offer a list of colors, however, learning vocabulary in context has proven to be very effective to help children learn a new language. So this is the reason we have included some options to teach colors in Spanish in context as well.

Spanish color songs are also great to introduce different Spanish accent variations. This is why we have also included some songs sung by artists from Spain, Argentina and Colombia. Pay attention to words such as: Azul (blue), Amarillo (Yellow), and cielo (sky) and try to identify the difference! Also take in account that some colors have more that one name, such as brown (café or marrón)

Spanish Colors

Learn Spanish Colors with Songs

Spanish Color Songs

A list of Spanish color songs to help teach kids the Spanish colors!

¿Cual Es Tu Color Favorito?

In this song each color is introduced by different puppets that are dressed in their favorite color. Images related with each color appear in the background as the puppets sing “A mi me gusta” (I like), introducing their favorite color and asking the children which is their favorite color in Spanish.

Canción de los Colores

This pleasant Spanish color song introduces additional vocabulary and teaches the colors in Spanish.


This is a fun and upbeat color song sang by Spaniards. It teaches the colors in the rainbow using repetition to allow kids to repeat the words.


The video for this song uses a slide show of pictures of animals and objects to illustrate the very simple and easy to follow lyrics that introduces the Spanish colors associated with related vocabulary.

Los Colores

If you are looking for a simple list of colors over a popular melody, this is a perfect song to introduce colors in Spanish accompany by the translation in English.

Colores y números

This video aims to teach numbers and colors to older children. The vocabulary is presented in a fast way and increases the speed as the song goes on. This is a song sang by an Spaniard artist.

Songs to add to your playlists

These Spanish color songs are not only about colors, but are catchy songs that use the colors in context


This is a bilingual song by an Argentinian artist. She teaches the colors of the rainbow offering additional words to identify the colors with original and adult-friendly music.

Amarillo, azul y rojo

This a simple and upbeat song that teaches the three primary colors in Spanish associated with high frequency vocabulary. It uses enough repetition to allow kids to practice the pronunciation of the words using a catchy and adult-friendly music. This song is sang by an artist original from Colombia.

Other Spanish Resources

Are you teaching kids Spanish? We have a whole range of Spanish resources on this website including FREE online Spanish lessons for kids. Check out: Learn Spanish for Kids where you can find a series of lessons with lots of activities and free printables. Join us in our Facebook community group for Raising Bilingual Kids in Spanish!

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Songs to Learn the Colors in Spanish

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Spanish color songs for kids that can be found on Youtube. Let us know your favourites! Make sure to follow Bilingual Kidspot on Facebook for more Spanish learning resources!

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