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How Animals Sound in Different Languages

Animal sounds in different languages

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

How Animals Sound in Different Languages

If you have grown up singing Old Mc Donald in English, you may be used to saying “Moo Moo” for a cow, and “Whoof Whoof” for a dog. But sing the same song together with someone who speaks a different language and you will be in for a surprise.

Not everyone around the world perceive the animal sounds the same. Not everyone things a dog makes a “whoof whoof” sound. In fact, there are plenty of different variations of the animal sounds in different countries. So, your sounds for animals such as pigs, birds, frogs, and other animals may not be the same as everyone else’s. Language matters.

These bright, colorful and fun images represent the sounds animals make around the world. Come on a journey with us below and find out how the animals sound in different languages. The comparisons are super interesting and if not anything else, they will give you a great laugh!

How cool is it to realise that how you have been saying the animal sounds all of your life, is not how everyone else says them? That the animal sounds can be similar, but sometimes totally different in other languages. Such an eye opener! Let us know how the animals sound in your language if it isn’t listed. We would love to see some more comparisons!

Animal Sounds Around the World

dog sounds different languages
cat sounds different languages
horse sounds different languages
cow sounds different languages
pigs sounds different languages
Sounds Sheep Make in different languages
duck sounds different languages
donkey sounds different languages
mice sounds different languages
bird sounds different languages

Looking for more sounds? Check out the book from James Chapman on Amazon where you can find more sounds from around the world, not just animal sounds, but sounds from around the world on a wide range of different subjects! He also has lots of fun content on his Twitter account.

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How Animals Sound in Different Languages

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