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Spanish Alphabet Songs for Kids | ABC Songs in Spanish on Youtube

Abc Songs in Spanish

Last Updated on June 29, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish Alphabet Songs for Kids | ABC Songs in Spanish on Youtube

Fun Alphabet songs in Spanish to sing along to with your kids. This list of Spanish alphabet songs will help your kids learn their abc’s in no time!

Learning the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish Alphabet or Abecedario includes 27 letters. Find below the pronunciation guide found in our Spanish for Kids Starter Kit which has lots of other Spanish teaching resources.

Spanish Alphabet for Kids

Remember that Spanish has regional variations so it is possible to find different ways to call the letters v, w and y.

Spanish Alphabet Songs Youtube

There are so many options on YouTube to learn basic vocabulary in Spanish, however finding quality channels can sometimes be challenging.

Regardless of the video and music features designed to keep children engaged, when it comes to songs to learn the ABC in Spanish, it is common to find translations of songs about the “Abecedario” that don’t include the “Ñ” or are still including “ll” and “ch” which are no longer part of the alphabet in Spanish.

Below we have chosen a list of Spanish alphabet songs that are perfect for introducing the abc’s in Spanish to kids. This list includes quality songs for you to add to your playlists and offer screen free exposure to vocabulary as you listen to music in the car or in the background at home.

We have included some traditional alphabet songs in Spanish that sing about each letter, but also some Spanish alphabet songs which concentrate only on the vowels which are very important.


spanish alphabet songs

Alphabet Songs in Spanish

Recommended Spanish alphabet songs to teach kids their abc’s. Make sure you check out our other fun lists of Spanish Songs and Spanish Nursery Rhymes too!

Canción del ABC

This is a very simple Spanish alphabet song is a slow pace song that lights up each letter as a lady dressed up as a doll points out to each letter.

La Canción del Abecedario

In this Youtube video 2 puppets introduce the ABCs in Spanish in groups of 3. One of them introduces the sounds and the other one repeats them afterwards, which gives children the opportunity to also repeat the letters in Spanish.

Sesame Street: ABCs En Español

In this Spanish alphabet song for kids, Elmo and American actress Gina Rodriguez introduce the ABCs in Spanish to children with an upbeat simple song. The dialogue between them is in English as they invite children to learn the alphabet in Spanish.

El Abecedario

An upbeat alphabet song in Spanish that is fun to singalong to for all ages. After the alphabet song, comes another one focusing on vowels.

El Abecedario

This alphabet song in Spanish is easy to follow and presents the letters in a slightly slower pace than other songs without being too babyish.

Peppa Pig ABC

This is not a song, however, popular cartoons could be useful to introduce Spanish to your child. Watching their favorite cartoon might keep them engaged as well. This is fun and simple way to introduce the Spanish alphabet to children with popular cartoon character Peppa Pig. The letters are introduced followed by a word that starts with the letter.

Spanish Alphabet Vowel songs to add to your playlists

These particular alphabet songs concentrate on Spanish vowels.


This is a very easy and fun song appealing to older kids and featuring classic rock rhythm. It uses lots of repetition and opportunities for children to repeat the vowels as they sing along.

La ronda de las vocals

If you are looking for a traditional Spanish alphabet song for kids, this “ronda infantil” has been around for decades. It tells a little story of each of the vowels as they go out to do something that rhymes with the sound of each of them.

The Vowels – Las Vocales

This is very simple song for younger kids to sing along to and learn the vowels in Spanish.

Other Spanish Resources

Are you teaching kids Spanish? We have a whole range of Spanish resources on this website including FREE online Spanish lessons for kids. Check out: Learn Spanish for Kids where you can find a series of lessons with lots of activities and free printables. Join us in our Facebook community group for Raising Bilingual Kids in Spanish!

Looking for more songs? Check out our Spanish nursery rhymes, our Spanish song list, and our happy birthday songs in Spanish too!

Alphabet Songs in Spanish

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Spanish alphabet songs for kids that can be found on Youtube. Let us know your favourites! Make sure to follow Bilingual Kidspot on Facebook for more Spanish learning resources!

Alphabet Songs in Spanish

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