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Pippelipop- Multilingual Music for Kids around the World

Kalle B med skræller

Last Updated on May 15, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Danish Dad Makes Multilingual Music for Kids Around the World

Danish dad Kalle B’s dream is that his music will make kids and parents all over the world sing, dance and have an amazing time together.

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Out in the great big world, Denmark is best known as the worlds most “hygge” country. Where the colourful fairy tales – “The little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling” of H.C. Andersen, were written.

But the truth is that Denmark is nothing like a fairy tale wonderland on a cold and rainy morning in November. It’s just grey and wet.

At a school in Copenhagen busy parents drop off their kids. Tired and wet from the rain. All of a sudden an old car pulls up in front of the school, painted in pink hearts. Out of the car emerges a dad and his son. The son looks like a completely normal kid, it’s the dad who draws attention to himself.  

His clothes and shoes are of all the colours of the rainbow. From his back pocket hangs a pink foxtail and from the collar of his red blazer a giant sunflower sits. He doesn’t just say goodbye to his son. He sings! “Goooooodbyyyyye my sooon!” The son shuffles away from his dad in embarrassed agony. 

Introducing Kalle B

Kalle B Photo

The dads name is Kalle B; an urban Jack of all traits, who loves to create a colourful party wherever he goes. After many years of concert planning, event planning and DJ’ing, Kalle B had his son. It felt completely natural to him to sing to his little boy instead of speaking.

“Now its time for a diaper chaaange”, and “are you huuuungry my boooy” became Kalle B’s way of communicating with his son.

After years of singing to his son, he had composed a bunch of songs about their everyday life. With rainy days, the bike ride to pre-school and Native American Indians dancing around with no pants on. 

Typically for Kalle B singing to his son wasn’t enough. Even though he sings like a fog horn, he had to get his songs out to every child in Denmark. So he started calling around to the best people in the Danish music industry and got a handful of Denmark’s best singers to sing his melodies and stories.

All of a sudden, what started as private songs between Kalle B and his son, became songs that Danish kids and their parents knew and sang along to, and got to know as – Pippelipop!

A success was made.

Making Multi-Language Music

Multilingual Music for Kids

Typically for Kalle B it isn’t enough to have his songs in the hearts and minds of Danish kids and parents, he wants to conquer the world!

With the dream of giving all of the World’s children and their parents quality modern music, Kalle B has now thrown himself into yet another huge project.

Along side singers from England, Spain and Germany, six songs will now be released in English, Spanish and German.

Soon the whole world will be able to sing along to “Maybe, Maybe”, “Sonne und mond”, “Rata Voladora”, “Es Kann Ja Gut Sein”, “Vielleicht” and many more!

Kalle B’s dream is that his music will make kids and parents all over the world sing, dance and have an amazing time together.

Read more about Kalle B and Pippelipop at http://pippelipop.com/

Pippelipop Multilingual Music for Kids around the World

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