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Scavenger Hunt Lists for Kids | FREE Printables in Spanish, English & French –

Multi Language Scavenger Hunt Spanish, French, English

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Multi Language Scavenger Hunt Ideas With FREE Printable Lists

A list of scavenger hunt ideas for kids that you can print for FREE. Here you can find scavenger hunt lists in Spanish, French and English. Now kids can learn languages while having fun!

What’s a Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is where you set off to gather the items on a particular list. There are many different themes you can choose from and are easy to customise according to your child’s abilities and interests.

A scavenger hunt is such an easy activity that you can do at home, and you don’t require much organisation at all. Plus, the lists are themed and contain items that can be easily found.

The other great thing about organising a scavenger hunt is that weather doesn’t matter. You can do an outdoor scavenger hunt if the weather is nice, and if it is cold and rainy, you can do an indoor scavenger hunt.

In this post you can find a range of different scavenger hunt lists with words and pictures that you can print off and use over and over again.

We have included English, French, and Spanish scavenger hunt lists that you can print at home for FREE.

Scavenger Hunt Lists

Below you can find the following scavenger hunt lists:

Nature Scavenger Hunt
A nature scavenger hunt can be done at a park, in a garden or even in your backyard. Let the kids explore in the nature to find the items on this list.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Send the kids out into the backyard armed with this fun scavenger hunt list full of backyard items to find.

At Home Scavenger Hunt
Stuck inside? This scavenger hunt list is packed full of things for kids to find inside the home.

Shapes Scavenger Hunt
Kids can learn all different shapes with this fun shape themed scavenger hunt list with both 2D and 3D shapes. This scavenger hunt can be done either inside or outside or both.

Colours Scavenger Hunt Lists in Spanish, French, & English
Kids can learn their colours with this fun colour themed scavenger hunt list where they need to find different items around the house or backyard in all different colours.

Print your FREE scavenger hunt lists below in English, Spanish, & French

English Scavenger Hunt Lists

Print your English scavenger hunt lists in English HERE

English Scavenger Hunt Lists Free Printables

Spanish Scavenger Hunt Lists

Print your Spanish scavenger hunt lists HERE

Spanish Scavenger Hunt Free Printables

French Scavenger Hunt Lists

Print your French scavenger hunt lists HERE

French Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable Lists

Tips to make your bilingual scavenger hunt super fun!

Use these fun tips for a successful English, French, or Spanish scavenger hunt with your kids!

  • Print off these FREE scavenger hunt lists that we have provided. If you don’t have a printer you can copy the items down on your own piece of paper. Kids can draw the pictures if they want too before setting off to find the items.
  • Before the kids set off, go through the scavenger hunt list to make sure they know exactly what is on their list.
  • To make it competitive, use a timer to see who can find the items first
  • Use the scavenger hunt list to search for items in a catalogue or magazine.

English, French & Spanish Scavenger Hunt Lists

We hope you like our scavenger hunt in Spanish, French and English. We will be adding more languages asap so keep checking in!

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