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Studycat – The Fun & Effective Language Learning Program for Kids

Studycat review language learning app

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

We all know that kids learn best through play, and a fun way for kids to learn languages is with games. Studycat offers a game-based language learning program for kids aged 3-8yrs to help them learn a language in a fun and effective way. With Studycat, kids can learn English, French, Spanish, German, or Mandarin Chinese at home or in the classroom. Check out our Studycat review below.

Studycat Apps for Families

With so many benefits of being bilingual, more and more parents are choosing to teach their kids a second language. Language apps have become a popular option, but choosing one that is suitable for kids isn’t always easy.

These fun language apps from Studycat offer a fun way for kids to learn languages at home and are simple enough for kids to follow independently.

The Fun Series are game based language learning apps designed for young learners 3-8 years old who are beginning to learn a foreign or second language.

These apps are designed in such a way that leads to natural language acquisition. The program is structured, but play based, so kids don’t realise they are learning.

We love the animations and the little details on the Studycat Apps. Everything has been thought out carefully and the games and activities are really engaging.

We were provided with a subscription of the Fun Series for the purpose of this review. Mr 5 has been using the Fun Spanish app on a daily basis and he loves it. I don’t need to push him to learn, he asks to play on the app because he enjoys the games and activities. When he finishes a unit, he is so proud and teaches me what he has learned.

Fun Series Language Apps Studycat

How do the apps work?

There are various themed units such as colours, food, transport, animals, family etc.

Firstly, children are introduced to new vocabulary in a memory game in a passive way, with repeated words throughout the game. Starting with something fun gets kids engaged.

Next comes the comprehension where kids select the answer when prompted. Encouragement is given when the correct answer is given.

After that there are songs, games and challenges using the new vocabulary in different contexts, and even some recording and self-analysis. All of this is fun based learning.

Free Play or Structured Learning Options

Children can play freely or follow a structured learning path so you can choose which is best suited for your child.

In structured learning, children are required to finish each activity before starting the next within each unit. This ensures that they build on their skills from the previous activity.


The best thing about these language apps is that no internet connection is required so kids can play offline, perfect if you are out or travelling. Also, they are kid safe, and with no ads to distract them.

The Fun Series includes:

Features of the Fun Series Language Apps:

  • The Fun Series from Studycat have some fantastic features for little language learners.
  • The program engages and entertains kids while immersing them in the language both spoken and written. The games and activities are educational but fun at the same time.
  • The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation. This feature is particularly helpful for the Fun Chinese apps especially.
  • Children will learn to speak and spell 350 words and phrases in the target language. This gives kids a great base to start speaking and practising the language.
  • Activities include listening, reading, comprehension, grammar and pronunciation. There are also sing along songs kids will love.
  • The curriculum of the Fun English and Fun English for Schools is aligned to Cambridge Young Learners – Starters.

Studycat for Schools

For the focus of this review we looked at Fun English for Schools which is a fantastic resource for language teachers and tutors. This digital classroom can be used all online, or as a blended learning solution with activity books and flashcards. You can see samples of these here.

The Studycat curriculum has been developed by experienced academic leaders to make sure the learning content and experience meets the highest standards and delivers superior language learning outcomes.

Parents of students can download the app and connect to the classroom where students are sent activities by their language teacher. When the students play the games and complete units, their scores are automatically logged into the dashboard. Teachers can then assess the students and for those who are struggling, they can give them extra support.

More info on Studycat?

You can find more information about the Studycat language apps and courses on their Instagram, Facebook (English Community) and Facebook (Spanish Community).

Studycat Review Language Learning App

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