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Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books with Reading Wand

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for Kids

Last Updated on May 3, 2021 by Bilingual Kidspot

Bilingual Books with Reading Wand & Audio

A review of the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for kids with Reading Wand for audio. Includes bilingual books in English and Spanish, and bilingual books in English and Chinese to help your child learn a second language.

Bilingual Books with Reading Wand

Bilingual books are a fantastic resource if you are raising kids with multiple languages. For families with bilingual parents, bilingual books are beneficial because they can be read by either parent without the need to double up.

But what about when parents don’t speak the target language?

Or what about when parents aren’t native speakers of the language?

If you are looking to teach your child a second language, pronunciation is important. If you aren’t a native speaker, simply reading books in another language is not always enough. After all, how do you know if you are saying the word correctly?

With the Habbi Habbi Reading Wand, the audio is read by a native speaker, giving kids the chance to listen to the words and phrases and repeat them until they get it right.

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books for Kids

Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books Review

In this review of the Habbi Habbi bilingual books we will cover the following:

Find below:

  • What is Habbi Habbi?
  • How does the Habbi Habbi reading pen work?
  • Is it just another reading pen for kids?
  • Features of  Habbi Habbi bilingual books
  • How we are teaching our kids languages.
  • How do I buy the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books & Reading Wand?

What is the Habbi Habbi reading wand?

The Habbi Habbi reading wand is a collection of bilingual books for kids with a reading wand to help children learn independently. With over 20 books to collect on a range of different subjects, kids can learn about a variety of different subjects in either Spanish or Chinese.

Is it just another reading pen for kids

You have probably seen reading pens for kids on the market. The ones which read the text as you scan the words or the ones that require you to tap a sticker.

The Habbi Habbi Reading Wand is different and stands out – so easy to use (just turn on and tap), incredibly high quality, pairs with exceptional content, AND multilingual (one wand accesses their whole library)! Read on to understand why we love it! It is a much better idea for children, especially the younger ones.

Spanish bilingual books with audio - Habbi Habbi
Bilingual books in Spanish and English – Habbi Habbi

Features of the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books and Reading Wand

These bilingual books from Habbi Habbi are such a great way to introduce kids to a new language. Even better because they can be used independently too. Here are some key features:

Easy To Use

The reading wand and books are super easy to use. Just turn on the Wand and tap on the page to listen to the audio. There is no specific part to tap the Wand, every inch of the book is tappable, so it supports and encourages self-play for kids.

Also, the same Wand accesses ANY book in the Habbi Habbi library, regardless of language. E.g. one wand accesses Chinese, Spanish, and any future title / language that is released. So, if you want, your kids can learn both languages.

Content is Intentional, Thoughtful, and Practical 

The words and phrases in these bilingual books are intended for practical use, so they include sentences that we want kids to be able to say. (E.g. greetings, introductions, or things like “Daddy and I are so proud of mommy.”) 

It’s also intentional in the message (e.g. “Mommy is one of the few women in her field” is both intentional and practical.) 

These principles drive the content – whether it relates to practical vocabulary (e.g. first words) or other titles (e.g. upcoming books such as ‘I am Kind’, “Book of Family’, ‘Healthy Habits’, ‘Book of Chores,’ etc.)

Bilingual Content is Approachable 

The Habbi Habbi Bilingual books have intentionally been made bilingual with in-line translations. Reading a block of Chinese or Spanish text may be difficult and intimidating, and smaller sentences and paragraphs make it easier.

For the Chinese books, what we love, is that they include pinyin so it is more accessible for families, especially those who aren’t native. Reading Chinese characters with no pinyin can seem daunting if you don’t speak or read Chinese, so it just makes it that much easier to read the pronunciation.

Bilingual Books in English and Chinese Habbi Habbi
Bilingual Books in English and Chinese – Habbi Habbi

Excellent Quality

The bilingual books are a beautiful matte hardcover board book with thick and sturdy pages, perfect for young children. They are colourful and make a gorgeous rainbow to bookshelves.

The Reading Wand looks like a real wand with a star so kids will love it. It is also very simple but practical. It is also rechargeable, and can be updated easily when new titles and languages are introduced.

Bilingual Books with Reading Pen

How are we teaching our kids languages?

Learning languages has been part of normal life since our kids were born. Our kids have spoken English and Italian from birth with my husband and I. When our eldest son was 3 years old, we introduced Spanish and slowly we have been introducing bits of Chinese over the past couple of years.

Resources such as these have played a big part of our language learning journey. As I am not a native speaker of Spanish or Chinese, the audio component has been extremely helpful. Now I am learning new Spanish and Chinese vocabulary along with the kids and it has been a great bonding experience, although they pick it up much quicker than me!

How do I buy the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books & Reading Wand?

The Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books and Reading Wand is the perfect gift for any child, and makes learning languages fun. Just head to the Habbi Habbi Website and you can easily order online. Make sure you tag us in any photos you take of your kids using the products @bilingualkidspot as we would love to see!

Bilingual Books for Kids with Reading Wand

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