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Learn Spanish on YouTube! 10 Spanish YouTube Channels for Toddlers, Kids & Teens

Aprende con Yaka Dee

Last Updated on July 31, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

YouTube Spanish Lessons for Kids

Looking for free Spanish lessons? YouTube has become a popular resource for those looking for free Spanish learning videos. You can find some fantastic YouTube Spanish lessons online for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Find below a list of YouTube Channels to learn Spanish. We have broken them up into two groups:

  • Spanish YouTube Channels for Toddlers and Young Children
  • Spanish YouTube Channels for Older Children and Teens
Spanish Youtube Channels for Kids with Lessons

10 Spanish YouTube Channels for Toddlers and Young Children

Here you can find a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish for younger children. These are fun Spanish learning shows that help teach kids the basics.

1. Aprende con Yakaa Dee – Cbeebies Español (BBC)

This is an animated and interactive Spanish program for kids part of the BBC´s Cbeebies channel for preschoolers. It introduces vocabulary in Spanish to little children. In each short episode Yakaa (cartoon) introduces in one word. Then she asks different kids (real) to repeat the word, and presents additional vocabulary related with that word in different real life scenarios.

2. Super Simple Español

Now little ones can learn Spanish on YouTube! This fun Spanish program uses animated songs to teach kids Spanish vocabulary, as well as introducing different topics using traditional and popular children’s songs in Spanish. These songs in these channels can be helpful for kids learning Spanish, and offer images and actions associated with the lyrics.

3. Salsa Episodes (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

Salsa is Georgia Public Broadcasting’s award-winning Spanish language series for young learners in kindergarten through the third grade. This Spanish YouTube channel uses puppets in familiar stories, digital graphics and animation to teach Spanish to kids. Each topic is introduced by a short story with puppets, followed by real life situations related with the topic including interactive dialogues or situations with real kids. There are 49 YouTube Spanish lessons that introduce new vocabulary and different topics using lots of repetition and high-frequency words and expressions in Spanish.

4. La Pandilla de Colores (BabyFirst Español)

This YouTube channel is a Spanish video series for kids that helps to teach them the colors in Spanish. It is very easy to follow and fun for the little ones. A group of crayons chose in every episode a couple of them to fill-in with color some drawings of fruits, vegetables, animals or kid’s toys. This series does not use any dialog, the only words used are the colors, inviting children to associate the word with the image that is being colored, and repeat the name of each color.

5. Learn Safari

This Spanish YouTube channel for kids offers a series of videos introducing basic vocabulary and phrases in Spanish by theme. The topics and vocabulary are introduced by a safari guide that uses English and Spanish to talk to the audience and invite children to repeat words in Spanish and answer to her questions to learn and practice additional vocabulary.

6. Calico Spanish

This program makes it fun to learn Spanish on Youtube using songs to introduce Spanish to children. These Spanish learning videos present illustrations associated to the vocabulary of each song, some of them with certain amount of animation. They also include some videos that introduce common phrases in Spanish. Each video includes a sort of subtitles with the song lyrics and key words. Even though, the topics are for beginners, the videos themselves include a lot of text for more advanced learners that can read.

Spanish YouTube Channels for Older Kids and Teens

Here you can find a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish for older kids and teens.

7. RockAlingua

RockAlingua has some great YouTube Spanish lessons for older kids and teens. RockAlingua is a learning program to teach Spanish to children using music videos. It uses animated cartoons targeting elementary age Spanish learners. These Spanish learning videos include subtitles and teach vocabulary related with a wide variety of themes such as: seasons, numbers, feelings, hobbies, and colors, among others.

8. Kids Learn Spanish Habla Series

Another fantastic channel with YouTube Spanish lessons is Spanish Playground. It is hosted by a native speaker who introduces common vocabulary in Spanish using a slow and easy to follow conversational style with lots of high-frequency words and visuals. These Spanish learning videos are short and focus on one theme at a time.

9. Buena Gente Series

This is another series of Spanish learning videos by Spanish Playground that uses short stories based in real life situations. This Spanish YouTube channel uses everyday language in natural conversations by 2 native Spanish speakers. It includes subtitles as well.

10. Señor Jordan

The videos in this channel are organized by topics. They are presented in English and Spanish by a native Spanish speaker. The topics range from basic vocabulary to grammar structures. The teacher uses visuals and sometimes music to introduce the different topics over different designed backgrounds.

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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for Kids

We hope you enjoy this list of YouTube Spanish Lessons for kids. If you know any other channels where kids can learn Spanish on YouTube? Let us know so we can check them out!

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Learn Spanish On Youtube for Kids

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