How to say Easter in Different Languages

Easter is almost upon us again, how time flies! In English we greet people with the phrase “Happy Easter”. If you are wondering how to say Happy Easter in other languages, we have rounded a list up below. Check out these Easter Greetings around the world and see our infographic below.

Happy Easter in 30 Languages!

Albanian – Gezuar Pashket
Arabic – Fish sa’id / El Maseeh Qam (Christ has risen
Chinese – Fu huo jie kuai le
Croatian – Sretan Uskrs
Czech – Vesele Velikonoce
Danish – Glædelig Paske / God paske
Dutch – Gelukkig Paasfest / Vrolijk Pasen 
English – Happy Easter
French – Joyeuses Pâques
Finnish – Hyvaa Paasiaista / Iloista paasiaista
German – Frohe Ostern
German (Swiss) – Schoni Oschtere
Greek – Kalo Pascha
Hungarian – Boldog Husveti Unnepeket
Hebrew – Chag pesach same’ach
Hindi – Subh Istar
Italian – Buona Pasqua
Indonesian – Selamat Paskah
Lithuanian – Linksmu Velyku
Latvian – Priecigas Lieldienas
Maltese – LGhid it-tajjeb
Norwegian – God paske
Polish – Szczęśliwej Wielkanocy
Portuguese – Feliz Páscoa
Romanian – Paşte Fericit
Russian – Schtsjastlivyje Paschi
Serbian – Hristos voskrese
Spanish – Felices Pascuas
Swedish – Glad Pask
Turkish – Mutlo (eller Hos) Paskalya

Happy Easter in Different Languages Infographic

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How to say Happy Easter in Different Langauges

How to Say Happy Easter!

Now you know how to say Happy Easter in 30 languages. Where ever you are in the world, we hope you have a Happy Easter! (and if you are like me, happy chocolate hunting!)

How to say Easter in different languages around the world