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The Best Spanish Apps for Kids (and parents) to Learn Spanish

Spanish Learning Apps for Kids and Parents

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

The Best Spanish Learning Apps for Kids & Adults

Looking for Spanish apps for kids to help teach your little ones? Or are you searching for Spanish learning apps to improve your own language skills? We have compiled a list of the best Spanish language apps to help learn Spanish based on our own experience, as well as recommendations from other parents with kids learning Spanish!

Spanish apps are a great way to either introduce the Spanish language to complete beginners, or improve the language skills of kids who speak some Spanish but need some practice.

These Spanish apps for kids and adults have been tried and tested by kids and parents around the world.

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Spanish Learning Apps

Below you can find:

  • Spanish Apps for Kids in Spanish & English (For beginners)
  • Spanish Apps for Kids only in Spanish (For a more immersive experience)
  • Spanish Learning Apps for older children and adults
Best Spanish Apps for Kids (and parents)

Spanish Apps for Kids in Spanish and English

These language apps are in both Spanish and English to help beginner Spanish learners.

1. Canticos

These bilingual apps teach children typical Latin American nursery rhymes in Spanish and English. Make learning Spanish fun. Come read and sing along with these little chickies. These interactive and educational language learning apps are a great addition to their unique Bilingual English and Spanish books.

Age: Suitable for children 2yrs +

2. Spanish Safari

Spanish Safari is a Spanish language learning up by start-up Learn Safari. This fun Spanish game is geared towards children 4 to 9 years old to help them learn and practice Spanish. Spanish Safari draws children in to its narrative with the help of Arturo, an adorable monkey who serves as a guide and helps users solve a mystery that’s plaguing the savanna.

With over 40 lessons and more than 100 games this Spanish app for kids is sure to keep your young learners engaged and entertained.

Age: Suitable for 4-9yrs

3. Duolingo for Kids

Duolingo kids comes from the makers of Duolingo which is already a popular language learning app for older kids and adults. This new language app for kids is perfect for early readers and writers who want to learn Spanish.

Age: Suitable for 4yrs +

Spanish Apps for Kids only in Spanish

These Spanish language apps for kids are used only in Spanish creating more of an immersive experience for the child. Best suited for kids who already have some knowledge of the Spanish language, or along with someone who speaks Spanish.

3. Spanish Learning for Kids by Marlu Studio

This Spanish app for kids offers fun and educational activities to help kids learn basic Spanish vocabulary. There are a variety of categories to select, so you can skip to those which most interest your child first without having to complete others. Children can learn numbers, colours, animals and more.

Spanish Learning for Kids is used only in Spanish which means kids have a totally immersive experience when playing the app. You can check out the free version but will need to pay eventually for the upgrade.

Age: Suitable for 4 yrs and up.

4. Endless Spanish

Endless Spanish is a fun Spanish learning app with a monster that helps kids learn Spanish letters and words. You may be familiar with other apps such as Endless Alphabet, and Endless Numbers. Endless Spanish is another app in this series.

This Spanish app for kids helps children identify letters that make up vocabulary by using funny video clips and encouraging children to learn Spanish words

Age: Suitable for 4yrs and up

5. Gus on the Go

Another fantastic, easy to use immersive Spanish app for kids is Gus on the Go. Kids complete fun activities and games moving onto new levels learning a range of simple vocabulary from colours, numbers, fruits, vegetables, and more. This Spanish app is not translated but is easy enough to be used in Spanish so great for full immersion.

Age: Suitable for 2yrs and up

6. Spanish School Bus for Kids

This full immersion Spanish app for kids is Montessori inspired and introduces Spanish vocabulary to children through music and games. Through full immersion, children learn through trial and error. They can unlock new levels as they move along. This Spanish app for kids is free to download and play, but there is also a paid version to upgrade.

Age: Suitable for 6yrs and up

Spanish Learning Apps for Older Children and Adults

These Spanish learning apps are great for older children and adults who want to learn Spanish.

7. Mind Snacks in Spanish

Mindsnacks is a Spanish app for kids, students, and even adults. It offers a range of mini games and lessons with a native speaker concentrating on essential vocabulary and helping you practice conversation shills.

Age: Suitable for 10yrs and up

8. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language apps for adults, but it is also great for older children and teens.  Daily challenges are based on speaking, listening, and translating. The app tracks your progress to keep you motivated. There is a free version, and the option to upgrade.

Age: Suitable for 10yrs and up

9. Rosetta Stone

Another popular Spanish app on the market is Rosetta Stone. This Spanish app is different to most Spanish learning apps for adults, because it is based on an immersive experience. Just as children learn best through full immersion, this Spanish app allows that for adults. All of the words and phrases are in Spanish, as well as the audio.

Age: Suitable for 10yrs and up

Other Spanish Learning Resources

Spanish Learning Apps

With a range of Spanish apps for kids and adults on the market, there is no reason you can’t start learning Spanish now. If you are looking for more Spanish resources, especially for children, make sure to check out our Learn Spanish for Kids series with a range of lessons, activities, and resources to help learn Spanish.

Top Spanish Learning Apps

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